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Peglegged Porter

We kept Rosie and Porter at doggy day care while I was in DC and Georgia last week. Lady Jaye dropped them off in the morning, and picked them up when she was done with work. Rosie started sneezing regularly on Tuesday, and by Wednesday she and Porter were sneeze-o-matics. When Lady Jaye asked Porter if he wasn’t feeling well, he sneezed all over her face and arm. Ah, the love of a mother. 🙂

I dug up some information on their symptoms, talked with my stepsister Red and buddy FishSprout, and decided that Porter and Rosie had some form of Kennel Cough. Kennel Cough isn’t a specific affliction, but a family of upper-respiratory illnesses. Some of them are viral, some of them are bacterial. In the case of the viral (ala pseudoinfluenza) strains, it doesn’t make any sense to put the dogs on antibiotics. However, Red eloquently voiced that Kennel Cough can lead to secondary infections, such as acute upper respiratory infections, pneumonia, etc. She advocated putting the pups on antibiotics even if they had viral Kennel Cough.

I called our vet yesterday and described the symptoms: no discharge from the eyes and ears, frequent sneezing and “inverse wheezing,” but the dogs were bouncing around and still ate and drank as normal. Our vet suggested we just keep an eye on them, and that was that — no need to bring them in, and no antibiotics. Just time.

We told the dogs they’d just have to wait out their canine colds. Apparently, Porter really wanted to visit the vet yesterday. He ran out and snapped his right front dewclaw again, almost to the root. I guess I didn’t write about this when it happened the first time, but Porter and Rosie each broke their right front dewclaw last July on the same day. This time, however, Porter really did a number on himself. We took him to the vet (who shoehorned us in a 4:45) and they pulled off a fair amount of “meat” along with the nail this time. They bandaged him up and put on a compression bandage to keep the bleeding down.

Our vet also listened to his breathing, and it was raspy in the upper parts of his lungs, on both sides. Something was going on in there, and she wanted to nail it before it got worse. We went home with painkiller for the Peapod and antibiotics for the Kennel Cough.
Here’s Rosie and Porter (background). Porter is sporting his green pegleg. He doesn’t look so bad in these stills, because he “points” with his right foot anyway. It’s awfully pathetic to watch him hobble around. He doesn’t put any pressure on his right foot, and I’m afraid he’s going to crash down the stairs.
Even while hobbled, the ace tracker keeps his shnozz to the ground, sniffing for squirrels, acorns, or perhaps a stray biscuit.
Porter in pointer mode. He almost looks natural. 🙂

The good news about this whole thing is that Porter lost one pound and two ounces since last month when he got his shots. Once we switch from Euk to something else he should lose even more weight. The other nice thing is that one of our vets, Dr. Lauren, said that he’s her bravest patient! He didn’t whine, yelp, snarl, or hardly move while they pulled off the broken dewclaw. Imagine having the nail and some of the flesh underneath your thumbnail ripped off. I don’t think I’d be so quiet. 🙂

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  1. Stomper says:

    Poor baby. Hope mom and dad are giving him lots and lots of tlc. Can’t wait to see him and his sis tomorrow.

  2. drfaulken says:

    We took his bandage off tonight. He licked at his thumb for awhile and then left it alone. I gave it a good sniff to make sure it wasn’t fouled, and everything seems OK. He’s putting some weight on his foot, and he should be good to go by tomorrow.

    It looks pretty ugly, but hopefully it will heal up in no time flat.