By August 25, 2008

Permanent secure HTTPS connectivity option now available on Gmail

Gmail has had HTTPS (secure) capabilities for a long time now, but the default protocol has always been plain HTTP. You could manually add the “s” in the URL ( to, but you had to do it every time you logged in. GAlert by MassGrid Solutions (ready my review) had this functionality, but there was no way to save your protocol preferences in Gmail until now.

Gmail rolled out a way to set your protocol preference to all users on Thursday. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Log into your Gmail account (note that this has always been HTTPS).
  2. Click on “Settings”:

  3. Scroll down to the very bottom of the Settings page until you see “Browser Connection.” Select “Always use HTTPS.”

  4. Click “Save Changes,” you’re all done!

I am glad Gmail finally instituted an option for full-time HTTPS support. I am disappointed it took them over four years and the threat of an automatic hacking attack to do it.

Please go set your preferences to HTTPS now. It will encrypt your traffic to and from Gmail, and may keep your account from being hacked some day.

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4 Comments on "Permanent secure HTTPS connectivity option now available on Gmail"

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  1. Starbuck says:

    YAY!!! thanks for informing us 🙂

  2. drfaulken says:

    Good question. I think Gmail is their second most used feature, behind search, and possibly Maps. If the resource increase is an issue the could steal from Docs, etc.

  3. roclar says:

    I access my Gmail account over IMAPS using a client, but I did turn on the setting just in case. I wonder for a service as large as Gmail how much adding a setting like this increased the server CPU load.

  4. Configures says:

    I’ve always logged in via https, but I added the setting just in case. Thanks for the tip!