By September 24, 2005

Post in Lumines forum confirms I will always be this game's bitch.

I mentioned Lady Jaye’s triumph over Lumines, a game we like to play on our Sony PSPs. Lady Jaye was the first person in our peer group to best Level 100 and unlock all the level-based skins in Challenge Mode. There are, however, other milestones to overcome. I am trying to beat all of the vs CPU challenges, for example, and this seems possible, if not plausible. There are at least two, far more daunting obstacles to overcome.

The first, and as demonstrated by several posts the Lumines forum on GameSpot, is to reach a score of 999,999 — the maximum possible for the game.

And then I found this, from one of those players who reached 999,999 and thought he could do more: surpass level 2000. Forum member Colin_Allman made it to level 2,145 and deleted over 68,000 blocks. He estimated his playing time at ten hours, but he played for so long that it pegged the Lumines playtime clock. Holy shit.

There’s a video, but I shamelessly ripped a photo of his accomplishment for your perusal:

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