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Pragma Queen Mattress Platform Folding Bed Frame First Impressions

Sedagive? and I recently had some friends visit from out of town. They were staying a full week, and while we already have a couple of spare beds in the house we needed to keep at least one free for the boys.

I was used to buying my beds at Costco, but their prices for a mattress and box spring seemed to have gone up since I bought my last set from them. I turned to my old friend Amazon to see what they had.

I rapidly discovered that Amazon’s prices were roughly the same as Costco once you figured in taxes and whatnot. I started investigating foam mattresses, which meant that I could be more flexible with the bottom support unit. I wound up buying a thick foam mattress that didn’t require a box spring (I’ll review that later), and purchased a folding mattress frame from Pragma.

Assembly and construction

Assembly is easy, but you’re going to want a friend. Or ten.

The queen-sized Pragma folding platform comes in two sides. Each side folds up like this:

and then extends like this:

Unfolding each side was a bit of a handful; it’ll be easier if you have a helper.

Once you’ve extended both sides, you combine them together with some flimsy looking bolts and wingnuts:

There are only four of these, and I was nervous that the bed would cave under, uh, use. I think a lot of the weight gets distributed back out to the legs, but I wasn’t confident while putting the rack together.

After you’re done bolting the two sides together, you have to attach the cross supports to the head and foot of the frame:

Again, this is done by one bolt and a wingnut. Once you’re done with this step you will have to flip the assembled frame over. This can be a big hassle depending on your strength and the size of the bedroom. We were lucky to assemble the frame in a larger, mostly empty room. You will definitely benefit from having a partner during this step.
The assembled Pragma frame

Appearance and function

The frame is very utilitarian in appearance. We dressed it up with a dust ruffle, but don’t expect to win any Better Homes & Gardens awards with this thing. The frame is high enough to allow for some additional storage, which was a plus for me.

Compactness and easy storage are some of the selling points to the Pragma folding bed frame. This bed will be on full-time duty at our house, but if you had a futon or similar then you might be able to reclaim some space in a guest bedroom serving double duty as a home office.

Despite my reservations, the frame is pretty sturdy. I don’t know if the memory foam mattress absorbed a lot of our Completely Scientific Testing™, but pouncing and bouncing on it didn’t produce even a squeak, let alone a catastrophic failure.

Our friend Pants slept on the frame and memory foam mattress for his week’s visit. I asked him how it went, and he said “fine” with his typical enthusiasm. We’ll have more company later this fall, so hopefully I’ll get some more feedback then.


My Pragma frame was $162 with free second day air shipping from Amazon Prime. While most box springs are bundled with mattresses, I was surprised to see that box spring-only units were selling for close to the same price online, not including a metal frame that is box springs normally sit on. However, I feel like the Pragma frame should have cost less; its construction didn’t inspire confidence and I would have felt better if the price were closer to $125.

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