By January 8, 2006

Prayers Answered!

I received a text message last Friday while I was in Maryland playing games over at The Captain’s house. It was from Lady Jaye. Since she is my sweetheart, I expected the message to say that she missed me or that she loved me, or some combination thereof. I was wrong. The message rang out loudly in my mind:


Holy shit! I rang her on the way home, and she read me a flyer left on our doorknob Friday afternoon:

“Dear Homeowner (that’s us):

There will be buried utility placing operations in this community very soon. This project is to provide enhancement offerings and service improvements to customers of Verizon Communications.”

There was more, but who cares about the contractor doing a safe/good job? Shit, fool, just run the cable along the ground and plug it right into the back of my skull, thank you very much.

A folded letter from Verizon accompanied the flyer, stating that construction would commence in a few days. I will take some snaps of the workers once they begin work on my street, and will try to get a completion date out of them.


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