By October 2, 2008

Primus 1.0 L aluminum bottle review

I bought the Laken HIT .75L aluminum bottle from Sierra Trading Post in July, and really liked it a lot. I took it to work, and found myself wishing I had another one for home use. Unfortunately, the BPA scare has a lot of people snapping up any aluminum bottle they can find in lieu of plastic ones, and the Laken has been sold out on STP ever since.

When I found the Primus bottle on sale for $7.15 on Sierra Trading Post, I bought two. One for myself, and one for my co-worker and friend Jumbotron. He’d been admiring my Laken, and since he’s a lot taller than I am I figured I’d appease him before a fracas broke out. In typical STP fashion, my order shipped and arrived promptly.

I’d like to say that the Primus aluminum bottle is a good alternative to the Laken. As a basic water container that won’t make men sprout breasts, it’s just fine. However, a finicky top puts a damper on an otherwise serviceable bottle.

Here’s the good news: the Primus is lined to avoid exposure to aluminum leeching. It’s also good looking, and the anodized exterior makes it easy to hold and reduces the effects of “sweating.” So in that regard, it’s better than the Laken.

As you can see from this product picture, the Primus bottle ships with two tops: a sport-cap top and a screw-top. The sport-bottle top creates a vacuum when you suck on it (yes, I just wrote “suck on it”), which makes the water come out at a trickle. This is barely adequate when you’re sitting at your desk; I can’t imagine the apoplectic attack one would have if they actually tried to use this during exercise.

No problem, DrFaulken, you say. You’re a picky fucker and Primus is nice enough to give you a second, screw-top lid. Unfortunately, the screw-top lid is a little unwieldy. For being such a small lid, it takes a lot of rotations to remove it. I guess the benefit is that this bitch is NEVER coming off unexpectedly, and probably won’t leak.

Is it worth $7 before shipping? Probably yeah. Even at almost twice the price, I’d buy the Laken again if I could. The sport-cap is just too feeble to be used on a regular basis, and the screw-top is a nuisance. However, if you are looking for a less expensive aluminum bottle, the Primus might be up your alley.

The Primus bottle is sold out at Sierra Trading Post, but you may be able to find it at REI or eBay.


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