By July 3, 2010

Problem with Bersa Thunder Ultra Carry Pro 45 Matte Finish

I purchased a Bersa Thunder Ultra Carry Pro in matte finish on Friday. These pistols have been very hard to find, and I was looking forward to spending some time with it and perhaps making it my everyday carry piece.

Unfortunately what appears to be at least a packaging error if not a manufacturing defect has made me send the gun back without firing a single round.

Almost all guns are shipped in a preservative of some kind. My Curio and Relic-eligible historic firearms are usually chock full of cosmoline, a thick yellow grease. Most modern firearms have a black oil that is much heavier in weight than gun oil. The Bersa was no exception, but that wasn’t the problem.

It appears that the plastic bag that Bersa ships their pistols in bonded to my frame. I don’t know if the matte finish was still curing when they put the handgun in the bag. However, there were little bits of congealed oil in the bag.

The slide and barrel looked like crap:

Keep in mind this handgun has only been fired once by the factory, never by me. Yet the slide has splotches on the finish and looks well-used.

A picture of the slide after treating it with Hoppes #9.

Someone on Bersa Chat suggested CLP Break Free, which I did four times including a two hour soak. It didn’t do any good:

The plastic bag transfer really showed up in this picture of the safety / decocker lever. The rest of the slide looks very much like this; I just had a hard time capturing it with my camera.

The Bersa Thunder Ultra Carry Pro went back to my dealer today. He said in all of the firearms he’s ever sold he’s never seen a slide as bad as this one except once when the finish hadn’t been applied properly. He has never seen a Bersa with a problem like this, and he sells a lot of their 380s.

My dealer is sending it back to Davidson’s on Tuesday and according to their guarantee they should be shipping me a replacement handgun ASAP.

The only problem is that this pistol is in very high demand, and Davidson’s only has one left in stock as of this writing. I expect it to be gone by the end of the holiday weekend. I ordered mine on Wednesday with fifteen in stock, the other fourteen sold by yesterday.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Brice says:

    That sucks. Hope you get a better one next time.