By November 9, 2011

Problem With Bunn NHBX-B Coffee Maker

I’ve owned my Bunn NHBX-B drip coffee maker for about eighteen months. The NHBX makes great coffee, but filling it with water is a bit weird. You have to swivel the lid back to pour water into the first reservoir. When you swivel the lid forward, it releases the water in the primary, heated chamber. As the water from the primary chamber empties it is filled with water from the first chamber.

The water in the primary chamber is close to 200°F. This makes really tasty coffee, but is also not super comfortable on your skin.

That’s why I got nervous when the machine started releasing the hot water from the primary chamber as soon as I was done filling the first reservoir.

This is the lid; as you can see here it’s swiveled back. The water should not release until you swivel the lid back into the closed position.

Here’s a video for more information, especially if this sort of thing is happening to you:

I cruised the Bunn consumer products Web site for an answer. The best I could come up with in their troubleshooting section was that to make sure the “rocker arm is in place and rubber stopper area is thoroughly cleaned.” Unfortunately I couldn’t any information on how to do this, or if this was even something a consumer should attempt. I didn’t want to jeopardize my three year warranty by fucking around with something.

I wound up contaacting their customer service department via their parts and service contact page. In order to complete my inquiry I had to provide a “date code.” If you need to do the same, it’s a sticker underneath your coffee maker.

DON’T TILT THE MACHINE BACKWARDS. This may cause the hot water to spill out, and is both messy and a safety hazard. I had Sedagive? snap this picture while I held the coffee maker up.


Hopefully fixing my machine isn’t a big deal. For now I make sure that the coffee filter basket has a filter and is full of coffee before I add any water. The coffee grounds help delay the water from coming out until I can finish pouring the water in and replace the carafe on the burner.

I’ll let you know more once I hear from Bunn.

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