By October 10, 2006

PS3 speculation?

The Sony PS3 pre-orders start today: $100 down to reserve the system, which will sell for $599 at launch. Sony will only ship 440,000 units this year, which will mean there may be a bigger gray-market demand for PS3s than the Xbox 360 last year on eBay. Last year the $399 Premium Xbox 360 sold for as high as $1000 on eBay.

The question of the day is, should I grab a pre-order or two for $599 each and resell them on eBay? I regret not doing a pre-order for the 360, it would have helped pay for some motorcycle equipment or a present or two for Lady Jaye.


So much for that idea: the two EBGames near me were sold out of their pre-order allotment by the time I called this morning, and Ars Technica is reporting that stores are getting no more than sixteen but as few as five PS3 units per store.

The supply for PS3s this year is going to be thin, thin, thin.

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  1. roclar says:

    Some folks have gotten their eBay accounts at least temporarily banned by listing their auction over 30 days before they would actually have their PS3: