By March 25, 2010

PSA: Check Your Flashlights

You’ve probably been there before: maybe you had a flat tire on a dark night. Maybe the power went out. Maybe you heard something bumping around downstairs. You grabbed your flashlight and tried to turn it on — but nothing happened. Perhaps a sad little click click click as you hammered the switch. The batteries were dead.

I try to check my flashlights every year at Daylight Saving Time. I waited a bit this year, but the concept is the same: periodically inspect your flashlights to make sure they work when you need them.

We had eleven out of twelve working torches. In addition to finding a dead lamp, I also discovered that I didn’t have any flashlights in my personal go-bag. I added two from my reserves and was good to go.

Take a trip around your house and cars right now — how many lights do you have, and how many were working?

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  1. Brice says:

    Cat laser pointer is down. Belt light is good, booth car’s flashlights are good. Primary work light in van is good, secondary is functional but a little dim. Two lights that have congregated in the dash of the van are good. Maglight baseball bat is good. Little reading lantern is good. Both headlamps are good.

    I knew I had a few flashlights laying around, but geez.