By January 30, 2007

PSA: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge out on DVD

If you haven’t seen this already, or have never heard of the Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, the first season is now out on DVD. In case MXC is new to you: two Americans provide Mystery Science Theater-style fake voice overs to footage from late 80s Japanese game show Takeshi’s Castle. The commentary is often crude and raunchy, with fictious (and often lewd) names given to the contestants. MXC aired on SpikeTV in what I only assume is a mixed order. Hopefully all six seasons will be released on DVD so that I can watch all of them. My favorite reason for watching MXC, however, are the crazy stunts. Particularly bone-breaking events include The Dash to Death, wherein contestants run across a dangerous obstacle course, are struck by objects, and have to navigate spinning platforms and Boulder Dash, where a player tries to run up a very steep hill without being crushed by (seemingly) heavy boulders. Many a contestant has tumbled head over heels to the bottom of the course. I can’t believe some of these people don’t get killed.

Sometimes, however, the contestants provide all the comedy (and pain) I need for a good laugh. Like this fellow in my screenshot. Excited about his turn at an obstacle, he did a one-handed rear handspring before attempting a backflip. As you can see, he didn’t quite make it, and wound up landing on his neck and shoulders. He staggered to his feet, wobbled towards the obstacle, and crashed a few yards later. I laughed so hard I almost woke Lady Jaye up.

Anyway, the first season of MXC is available on DVD. It’s available at Netflix, and probably Blockbuster. If you’ve never seen the series or are interested in seeing them all together, it’s definitely worth a rental.

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  1. Stomper says:

    Ok, those of you who know me, know that I have a problem watching TV or a movie without doing something else like reading a book or crafting. I’m working on the movie thing. Anyway, I’ve seen some of MXC episodes over the past year. You don’t have to pay complete attention to them to get a laugh out of them. One of the things I’ve found amazing about this show is that they keep finding people who want to do these stupid things. One thing Doc didn’t mention is that in some of the episodes they make the contestants dress up in stupid outfits that make it more difficult for them to do well at the stunts, which makes it even more funny. The two stunts that I’ve seen that are always good for a laugh are the crossing the water on the floating rocks – some of the rocks are supported and some sink when they’re stepped on. It’s funny watching people trying to manuver to get to the land on the other side. The other one a series of big rollers that they have to jump on and cross to get to the other side. The problem is there are gaps between the rollers and water beneath. When the person jumps on the roller it starts to spin (like log rolling contests). It’s hysterical the positions some of the people get stuck in trying to go from one roller to the next – without falling.

    So even if you only give the show 25% of your attention it’s still funny.

  2. Bond says:

    I LOVE this show; I watch it almost every night, when I’m up late. It’s some of the funniest slap-stick humor on TV.