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PSP leather case review

I recently bought a new Sony PSP, and have been trying to find good cases for it in fits of paranoia. Nothing like putting $250 down on a handheld and then sweating if it’s going to get nicked or not.

Having played with my friend’s Logitech PlayGear Pocket, I put in orders for three other cases. One is from an actual company, the other two were from eBay.

The first one I have for review is a leather case I won from eBay for less than $15, shipped.

(image courtesy of the seller from eBay)

First off, the leather on the case is much better quality than I expected. To be honest, I thought it was going to be pleather or vinyl or some shit. But it’s real leather, at least by what my girl and I can tell. I sniffed the case to determine its makeup, btw, and this was probably not the most scientific of tests.

The case has some nifty features:

  • Two pouches for memory sticks
  • One pouch on the front for a UMD or two
  • A magnetic clasp to keep the case closed. I’m not sure if the magnet would jack with the screen and/or the memory sticks. I wonder what effect, if any, magnets have on solid-state memory.

The case attaches via two screws into the top of the PSP. The PSP already has the screw holes present, so no modification of the actual PSP is necessary. This scheme, while certainly sturdy, is where the trouble begins.

See, the PSP loads data from one of four sources, the first two being the most common: the UMD slot located on the top/back of the PSP, the memory stick slot in the bottom left hand corner, WiFi, or infa-red. The cover’s screw system covers up the UMD slot completely, which makes it impossible to change out the game/movie you are using without unscrewing the case. Shit!!!

My case’s screws were also rusty upon arrival. I didn’t sweat this aspect too much, but the company should have sprung for galvanized/rust resistant screws.

The case was made with pride (or child labor) presumably in China. There was no stamped country of origin on the case.

Well, the top-mount scheme pretty much makes this unusable. It’s a pity, too, it was a damn fine looking case.

I rate this item 1 out of 5 STFU coffee mugs:

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