By January 4, 2006

PSP, Where Art Thou?

After starting out my journal with seven Portable Sony Playstation entries, the high-powered handheld hasn’t made much mention here on Gibberish. What happened? Did I make a $500+ mistake buying two units and accessories?

  1. Feeble launch title selection. Lumines is obviously a barn burner of a game, but how many times can you play it before wondering, “what else is out there?” Aside from Lumines, there weren’t that many great games for the PSP at launch. I tried out several games thanks to GameFly. Losers included Death Jr., Metal Gear: Ac!d, Mercury, Rengoku, Smart Bomb, Dead to Rights: Reckoning (this one was fair), Twisted Metal, and Untold Legends. If I made the mistake of buying each of these games I would have been out about $320. While GameFly had its problems, I’m thankful that it saved me hundreds of dollars on bum games.
  2. 1.50 Firmware. There are some fun new games for the PSP, including SOCOM, which is a first person shooter that can be played over the Internet with players all around the world. Unfortunately, this game requires 2.x firmware, and I’m unwilling to upgrade my PSP from the 1.50 firmware. The 1.50 firmware allows the PSP to run unsigned code, which for some means emulators for other consoles (such as the NES), but for me means backups. I can put a few games on a single memory stick instead of carrying around several game discs with me. Running games off of the memory stick also increases battery life (no need to spin up the optical drive) and decreases load times. Until there is a hardware modification chip available for the PSP I won’t be willing to make the upgrade necessary to play the newest games.
  3. World of Warcraft. Damn this game is good. I picked up World of Warcraft again, and now that Lady Jaye is playing it, there aren’t any signs of us stopping for anything else.
  4. Other games. Lady Jaye and I have been playing the online Settlers of Catan game on Stilts’ server, and I’ve been playing Taiko Drum Master and the DDR game she got me for Christmas.
  5. Stay at home dad. I haven’t been flying out to California ever since my last boss moved to another position within the company, so I haven’t had the need to play a portable game.

So, what’s a man to do? I went through the same struggle when I bought the Nintendo DS over a year ago. Fun handheld, not-so-fun games at launch. It’s taken well over a year for Nintendo to release their next killer game, the online-enabled Mario Kart. I’ll tuck the PSPs away for now and wait for the next must-have title, or a hardware modchip.

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