By August 18, 2005

R2D2, Where Are You?

I love Google Maps. When you have a horrible sense of direction like I do, written directions and maps save the day. I almost want to bear Google Maps’ children. Almost. There are a few things that I don’t like about it.

For one thing, you can’t save your preferences. I almost never use the default “maps” view or the local search. I use the Directions functionality 99% of the time. I also search from “home” to “wherever” more than anywhere else. Like home to the airport, home to Best Buy, home to your home, whatever. GM doesn’t allow you to save a default type of search, nor does it allow you to save a default address, let alone a set of commonly visited addresses.

Enter GDirections, an extension for Firefox. GDirections allows you to highlight any text address in Firefox and then display it in another tab on Google Maps. GDirections also allows you to store default addresses (up to four). So far, it’s the bee’s knees, and solves one of my only problems with Google Maps. I would like to see unlimited address storing/address book style storing, but anything is better than what GM has now.

Here’s how it works:

Going to Google!

Starting point: the Batcave

On second thought, let’s not go to Google. It is a silly place.

GDirections, my north-by-northwest deficient self hereby awards you:

Four out of five mugs!

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