By April 27, 2009

Raider assigned to new basestar

Nearly seven months after acquiring a 2004 BMW R1150R motorcycle, I’ve reassigned “Raider” to a new home. I was always put in a tough position: if I rode the BMW, my FZ6 sat idle. If I rode the FZ6, the BMW was left waiting in the driveway. My Honda is a project / scoot around bike, so I don’t feel so bad not riding it as often, but the FZ6 and BMW are close enough in mission that I felt that I was choosing between what child to save during a house fire.

I rode Raider mostly to and from work, and I really liked the stability the heavier bike offered during inclement weather. However, every time I jumped on the FZ6 I couldn’t help but smile as the increased agility allowed me to flick in and out of traffic. I decided to sell the BMW in January.

However, unlike getting rid of my K1200 LTE, I wasn’t in a hurry and wanted to find Raider a nice daddy (or mommy, I guess). My stepfather rode it a few times during his visits, and I knew how much he liked the engineering aspects of the bike. He’s just now getting into short-distance day trips with his riding group, and the BMW would have made a big improvement over his mid-90s Honda universal standard bike. However, he lived up in New York state and the BMW was probably out of his price range. My other two foster parent candidates included Tomax and Xamot; both of them were converting over from sport bikes and were also just getting into shorter-distance trips. Tomax wound up buying an R1150R Rockster edition, which left Xamot as my last hope.

We took a few test rides together, and Xamot really liked the bike. He sold his Honda 600RR and was ready to buy. I really wanted Raider to go to a good home, where someone wouldn’t have to choose between him and another great bike. I just wanted him to be the great bike in the stable. Tomax and Xamot are also better suited to doing the frequent BMW scheduled maintenance inside Tomax’s garage. I don’t have a garage, and doing work that involves taking parts of the engine off always make me nervous. I don’t like rushing a project to get it done before the sun goes down, and I was always worried about dirt and whatnot getting into places it shouldn’t.

It did make me a little sad to see the BMW go. The more I ride Cylon, my FZ6, the more I realize my first choice in bikes was the right choice for me. With a few upgrades, he can do just about everything the R1150R could, and a few things that Raider can’t. It’s a different riding experience, Cylon is a lot sportier; Raider is much smoother. At any rate, I am glad he’s got a new home with someone who is going to love him as much as I love Cylon. Plus, taking pictures like this of the twins makes me really happy:

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  1. Erik says:

    I have a question for you. If you had to choose between the two, as if you were going to purchase either the R1150R or a FZ6, which would you choose? I have narrowed down a new bike purchase to these two models and would love your feedback.

  2. drfaulken says:

    Hi Erik,

    What kind of riding do you do / plan to do? Can you do your own maintenance, beyond a typical oil change? Xamot (who bought my R1150R) loves the BMW, but I found the maintenance schedule – and cost – of the BMW to be distasteful. I also had a very similar riding experience with my Yamaha, except that it was less expensive to own, maintain, and keep running.

    However, if you intend to do two-person riding, the BMW’s larger engine might be a better match for you, especially if you and/or your passenger are … on the heavier end of the spectrum.