By May 17, 2006


I went up to Rockville today to visit some friends and do a little bit of work, in that order. I used to go up on Fridays, but with Lady Jaye working doubles these days, it’s a bit more difficult to arrange for dogs sitters than it is for me to drive up on a different day.

I was reminded why I didn’t like living up in the DC area. After a doctor’s appointment, I thought I would swing by Costco to get some 2 pound bags of coffee beans from our favorite roastery, Mayorga. The parking lot was almost completely full, even at 2:30PM. The checkout line was six counters across and probably ten customers deep. The center two lines (always the longest), were backed up past the first two aisles of merchandise. I made a quick circle around the front part of the store and made my exit; I didn’t feel like standing in line for 20 minutes like I used to when I lived here, and I had a meeting with The Captain at 3.

The real kicker was being held hostage by the rush hour traffic. Instead of coming home as soon as my work was done, I stayed in town until a little past 7. Luckily and were kind enough to keep me company and have coffee with me until it was relatively safe to leave town. Even then, traffic was still pretty heavy around 495 and 95 until I passed Fredericksburg. Still, I made it from RKV to the house in a little under 2 hours.

Oh well, I still had a nice trip, and now I’m glad to be home with the doggies!

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  1. configuratrix says:

    I hear the Costco up in Frederick isn’t nearly so crowded. I may go up there this weekend.

    A colleague is playing at Mayorga Sat. night, I may go.