By June 13, 2006

Renew home owner's warranty?

I got a note in the mail today from the company that handles our home owner’s warranty. This isn’t the stuff that protects you if the house burns down, it’s the policy that offers limited protection if the AC goes, or the hot water heater takes a dump.

It will cost $315 to renew the warranty for one year. We didn’t use it at all this last year, but Lady Jaye and I are a bit worried about our water heater dying (average replacement cost ~$300+ install). I’ve also noticed that the downstairs feels a lot more humid than the upstairs, and I’m afraid that our downstairs AC unit might be on the way out. AC units run $1500 – $4500 according to the marketing blurb sent along with the warranty renewal.

So, what do you think? Drop $315 for another year, or put that money in the (now very slim) emergency cash fund?

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  1. Ctrix says:

    I don’t have that kind of a warranty, and my AC might go this summer — it’s kind of old.