By October 22, 2007


I found myself at a Rivercity Rollergirls roller derby bout last night. I attended their inaugural event over ten months ago, and had a great time. For $12 at the door, why not? Nothing rounds out the Day of Rest like ten girls in tight shorts or tiny skirts skating around beating the shit out of each other. “The Nightmare on Hull Street” event pitted the Tiger Beatdowns! against the Flaming Hips in an intramural bout. I was stoked., this go ’round wasn’t nearly as much fun as it was last December. I am not sure why, but I have a feeling it is because the league has matured a little bit, and as the skill level has gone up, the craziness has gone down. The skating was a lot more technical; the ladies were moving more cohesively, and the tactics were way up. Instead of zooming along at speeds too great for safety, the gals stayed tightly packed together. There was more jostling and jockeying for position this time, as opposed to the initial bout that saw the fastest skaters of any position trying to chase each other down or score. It made sense to me intellectually, but it just wasn’t as much fun to watch.

By halftime the Tiger Beatdowns! were staying true to their name. The Hips were down something like 64 to 12. I don’t know if the Hips were just having an off night, or if the Beatdowns! are the travel team and the Hips are the practice team, but it was a slaughter. I don’t recall the final score of the initial bout I attended, but the action seemed a lot closer.

The skating facility was lukewarm — and if you’re a longtime Gibberish reader you know how much I hate the heat. I was just at the edge of sweating, and as such didn’t want to move around very much. I swear to god I got a little drowsy due to the bathwater temperature and watching the girls skate around and around in a slow, rhythmic pattern.

I also didn’t take my camera this time. I thought I would enjoy the show more if I was actually watching this time, but perhaps taking pictures is what made the first bout feel so dynamic.

Ah, alas. I was glad to go, and to support local alternative sports. I might make a road trip to validate my theory of travel team vs practice team, but I don’t know if my love for roller derby can take another snoozer like last night. Sorry ladies.

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