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Ronson Jet Lite butane lighter review

I don’t smoke, and I never have. However, I carried a chrome Zippo lighter in my pocket for most of high school, college, and a year or two after. My father told me at an early age that every man should have the ability to cut something and to make fire at all times. The problem was that I didn’t use the Zippo enough, and either the wick dried out or all of the fuel would evaporate. I think the lighter made it through a few moves, and then I ditched it somewhere.

Now, I have a few ways of making fire in my personal emergency bag, including some disposable plastic lighters. I was reading about inexpensive holiday gifts for smokers, and found reference to the Ronson Jet Lite butane lighter.

The best part is that I expected it to be about $6 at Wal*Mart … it turns out it was $2.99 at Wal*Mart! I wound up getting one as a gift and one for myself. Here are my thoughts:
Ronson Jet Lite, next to an SD card.

The Ronson Jet Lite is not as short as a traditional Zippo, but it is thinner. I don’t think this would fit in the traditional “5-pocket” of jeans, but you could definitely store it someplace if you wear cargo or painter pants. The lighter is a nice graphite color. Although it looks brushed, the lighter is very smooth. I consider this a drawback, and would like to have a better grip on the lighter.
The lighter torches up easily; a slight hiss from the butane and then the sound of a very tiny jet engine. The flame height is easily adjustable via a screw at the bottom. I used a nickle.

The Ronson is considered a decent torch for smoking cigarettes and cigars. I intend to use it for flaming cotton balls and emergency candles, so my perspective is, as usual, a little warped.

Highly recommended.

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  1. Sawyer says:

    “A little warped”?

    Where I come from you are the norm.

    Be prepared amigo..


    Hoodlums forum at

  2. Buzzby says:

    To the ability to make fire and cut something, I’d add the ability to make light. I’m not a smoker either, but I carry a Benchmade model 710 folding knife, a Photon Proton Pro flashlight, and, of course, a Ronson Jetlite.