By November 9, 2005

Rosie goes bonk

It must be some leftover, subconscious thing from my father, but I let the dogs out for as long as it takes me to finish a snack. My dad used to let the dogs run at night while he finished an apple, I think he still does the same thing to this day. Yesterday I was on my second breakfast — a bowl of cereal — and Rosie and Porter were outside playing. As Rosie has gotten more used to our household, she has taken less and less shit from Porter, and they were tumbling around like two 9-year olds brawling in the playground over a game of Connect 4 gone wrong.

All of a sudden I heard Rosie cry out, and keep whimpering. I knew that it wasn’t a “stop doing what you’re doing” yelp; she was hurt. I dashed out the side door and saw our 11 week old girl holding her back right leg up.

I ran to her, and she was wagging her tail as I picked her up. My immediate concern was that it was broken. I was able to manipulate her wrist, ankle, and hip without further protestation. Her leg didn’t have any contusions or protruding bone (thank god, I would have puked before rushing her to our nearby doctor). Her leg itself was not tender, but she didn’t want to put any weight on her leg.

I brought her inside and made her walk. She hobbled over to the water dish on three legs and took a pretty long drink. She grabbed a mouthful of food and then scampered back to me, tail wagging. I picked her up and carried her into my office and put her in my lap.

I figured that it was a jammed joint in her leg or a pulled muscle, so the plan was to wait an hour or so and then take her into the vet if she wasn’t doing any better. She crashed out on my arm in about five minutes and took a 90 minute nap:

When she woke up, I had her walk around for a bit. She was still moving about on three legs, and would very gingerly put her back right foot down. She put maybe 10% of her weight on it. Rosie tried to go up the stairs and biffed it, and then went back to not putting her foot down. I decided to call the vet.

They wanted her to come in, so I brought her in at 3PM. The vet checked her out — her little ankle had swollen up to about the size of a quarter. No break, as I had thought, but she did sprain her ankle. He gave her four days worth of anti-inflammatory with instructions to keep her from prancing around too much for the rest of the week. Since she was due back tomorrow anyway for her check up, he went ahead and did her exam and gave her her booster.

She’s doing much better now, and has started playing with Porter again. I had to separate them this morning and she’s back in my lap again. Although in all honesty, that’s where she spends 90% of her time during the day anyway 😉

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