By January 3, 2006

Rosie Goes Under the Knife!

Rosie was the last puppy born in her litter, and by the time she was popped out, her mother was tired and cranky. Anxious to set Rosie free, her mother chomped extra hard at her umbilical cord and punctured Rosie’s abdominal wall. This quick bite resulted in a hernia probably the size of my pinky fingertip on Rosie’s belly. It doesn’t hurt her (for now) and the hernia is about the size of a half dollar. We were hoping that the hernia would reduce in size as she grew older, but if anything it’s getting bigger. When I took Rosie in for her last set of shots last week I spoke with the vet about it and he suggested we book her for surgery. He said her hernia felt like it just had fatty tissue protruding for now, but sometimes the bladder or nerve tissue can poke through and result in a problem. Given how roughly she and Porter play, Lady Jaye and I figured it’d be better to put Rosie on the operating table now better than later when there was an emergency.

The procedure is simple — put doggy under, open up doggy, stitch muscle wall together, close up doggy, wake doggy up, send doggy home the same day. It should take about 15 to 20 minutes and will be inexpensive (about $130 or so). The real trick, of course, will be getting Rosie to not bounce around for a week while her stitches heal. To be honest, I think this is going to be impossible. Right now she and Porter are doing shuttle runs in the hallway next to me, one of them squeaking the OMGBURGER toy madly in the face of the other. And thanks to our new bed, which requires the use of an oxygen mask it’s so high off the ground, we’re pretty much guaranteed that Rosie will pull a stitch or two out trying to clamor up to be with us.

Rosie’s surgery is set for the 17th of this month, so hopefully by then she’ll have grown to be forty feet tall and can easily step from the bottom floor of the house to the top of the bed. 😉

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