By July 29, 2009

Rosie Update

Rosie had a massive cluster of seizures almost two weeks ago. After two shots of Valium, I brought her home and immediately started her on a regime of phenobarbital. I am happy to say that after some initial sluggishness and “spacey” behavior (which my vet warned me about), Rosie is back to her normal self. She stalks squirrels and birds in the back yard like an apex predator, and runs around and plays with the other dogs.

She also loves sitting on the couch with me and watching television:

She’s not out of the woods by a long shot, but it makes me happier that she hasn’t had any more seizures. I was concerned that she may have a tumor or brain injury that was sparking them; so far the phenobarbital is keeping everything under control. The next hurdle is testing her blood in a couple of weeks to make sure that her medication isn’t adversely affecting her liver and kidneys. Depending on what the doctor says, we may lower her dose a little bit. She’s in the middle of the road as far as dosage goes for her size; it would be nice to wean her off a little bit to further protect her innards.

Thanks to everyone for emailing, calling, texting, leaving messages on Facebook, and being concerned about Rosie. I love her dearly and I really appreciate folks giving her hugs, virtual or otherwise.

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  1. Starbuck says:

    I am really glad to hear that Rosie is doing better. I worry about your three little monkeys.