By January 18, 2006

Rosie’s Surgery

Rosie had her hernia sewed up today! It was a quick procedure, about 20 minutes, and the doctor said she did great. He said the hernia itself was very small, especially given the size of the visible bubble on her tummy. There was a lot more fat than he anticipated, so I’m glad we got her hernia taken care of before anything bad happened.

The vet suggested she might be in pain today and might benefit from pain medication. Lady Jaye asked how we could tell if she was hurting. “Trembling, loss of appetite, and not wanting to drink water,” he replied. We got Rosie home and she immediately ate half the food in her dish and slurped down a bowl of water. So much for being in pain!

She’s asleep on the floor next to us, under the influence of 25mg of benadryl to make her neepy. We gave her brother one too — the hard part is going to be keeping them from playing and jumping around for the next two weeks.

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