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Run Hide Fight Active Shooter Video from Ready Houston

Ready Houston,” a Web site dedicated to preparedness in the Houston, Texas area, recently released a video on how an average person could deal with an active shooter scenario. An “active shooter” is when one or more individuals begin firing into an occupied area such as a place of work, education, worship, or governmental agency. If you spend any time in a school, shopping mall, church, office complex, government center, or as recent events have shown — a movie theater — then you should watch this video.

Once you’re done watching “Run Hide Fight” you can read some of my observations, and then perhaps add some of your own.

Did you watch it? Not bad for a government education program! Keep in mind this video was filmed for unarmed folks with little or no defense training. The video isn’t necessarily what I’d do, but I think it’s a wonderful resource for everyone. This is a good starting platform from which people could improve upon with better training and tools.

Here are some of my observations, in no particular order:

  • The Ready Houston organization acknowledges the uselessness of posted “Gun Free” zones, as the shooter walks right past the Section 30.06 “no guns allowed” sign on the front glass door. I think it’s an interesting commentary, and one shared by the concealed carry crowd. The hypothesis is that most active shooters fire up in Gun Free zones such as schools and shopping malls. I’d like to get some more data on this theory, but I thought it was interesting that the video gave a nod to the ineffectiveness of a “no guns” sign in the face of an active shooter.
  • This has been mentioned elsewhere on the Internet, but it’s ironic that the No Guns ordinance in Texas is named 30.06, the same as a rifle cartridge.
  • All of the actors / individuals with firearms exhibit “high index” finger placement, just how we’re taught in our civilian self-defense programs. This means that the index (trigger) finger of the shooting hand is placed as high up on the firearm as possible to avoid an accidental discharge. You can tell if someone has a high index because you can see all the way through the trigger guard of a firearm without seeing any skin. Good job, Ready Houston video!
  • Most of the response team is using the “flat stock,” muzzle-down method of carry. This is also how we’ve been trained in the last three or four years. Before that, I was sometimes trained with a muzzle-up carry. Muzzle-up is not being taught as frequently as it’s considered more dangerous in the event of an accidental discharge. In most cases, it’s best if a stray round goes into the floor as opposed to up into the air / ceiling.
  • The security guard doesn’t pay a whit of attention. Don’t expect the guard paid $12 an hour at your office to do anything different.
  • Everyone in the “fight” team survives without injury. Interesting commentary, but this could have been accidental. If purposeful, it seems to fit in with the video’s message that it is better to fight than comply and surrender.

The final option, “Fight,” from the Ready Houston? video on surviving an active shooter.

What did you think?

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4 Comments on "Run Hide Fight Active Shooter Video from Ready Houston"

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  1. Davebsr says:

    RE: gun-free zones being favorite targets, the venerable LT Col. Dave Grossman said on Armed America radio a week or so ago that of all the massacres done since WW2, all but one were in gun-free zones.

  2. TheAccountant says:

    That might be self selecting (in regards to gun free zones), as aren’t those places choses an areas in which firearms are deemed to be more dangerous, such as a school or facility that serves alcohol?

    I would suspect the purpose of gun free zones is to reduce the amount of hair trigger gun incidents (bob is drinking, bob gets mad, bob pulls out gun and fires at annoying man), not to stop a planned massacre.

  3. gc says:

    good video link, thanks

  4. C. Bruce Richardson Jr. says:

    Gun-free zones are free of people who might be able to defend themselves as well as others in a mass murder situation. In most “gun-free zones” that I have seen, there is nothing but a sign to prevent a mass-murderer from bringing in weapons. I avoid “gun-free zones” whenever I can. I try to avoid doing business where there is a sign preventing people licensed to carry a concealed weapon from entering with a weapon. Most businesses have signs that say that unlicensed people can not enter with a handgun. Most businesses do not ban concealed carry licensees from entering with a concealed handgun. That includes my bank, grocery stores, Sam’s Club, Lowes, Home Depot. Licensees can enter the state capital building in Austin with a conceal handgun.