By September 24, 2005

Running into an old friend

I was downtown yesterday, waiting for a fellow to show up so I could see the Yamaha FZ6 he had for sale. We agreed to meet at Betsy’s coffee shop on Cary street because it was close to where the seller lived and also near my motorcycle safety class, which started at 6:30.

When I entered, I noticed an older gentleman sitting alone by the window. I recognized him immediately as The Professor, my English advisor and general mentor during college. I ordered my drink and approached him slowly. He has quite the reputation as a bad ass cantankerous old bastard, and wasn’t sure he would remember me. I waited for him to pause in his reading, and he looked up at me.

His face screwed up as he thought about who I was. His eyes smiled a bit and knew that he recognized me, if he could not recall my name.

“The Professor? DrFaulken, class of ’97,” I said as I extended my hand.

“Of course!” he exclaimed. He mentioned some of the classes we had together, as well as a paper I had written for one of his classes. He also recalled the Web site I once ran about Leonard Peltier.

“It’s not often I remember students, especially after the years have run on. How have you been?”

I gave him the short version. Moved across the country twice. Did a bid in DC, was now back in the area. He is going to retire soon, utterly frustrated with The College and the now lame duck president. Stilts, you might find it interesting that he thinks the president elect will last no more than five years before moving on.

At any rate, the fellow with the FZ6 appeared and I had to cut our reunion short. He gave me his contact information and wants to have lunch. It was really great to see him. He asked if I was still writing, and I told him “sort-of.” He remarked that I looked younger, even though I had less hair than when I last saw him over eight years ago. I told him I was a lot less angry these days, and certainly happier with myself and with life.

Good times. Here’s to seeing you again, Professor.

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  1. configuratrix says:

    It is so cool that The Professor remembered so much of when you were there, and wants to have lunch. That’s really neat.

    It gives me a good feel when I exchange email (maybe once a year or so) with my Philosophy advisor from college (who was also my TA boss in the logic classes).