By September 23, 2013

S.P. Richards Company Secure Key Cabinet Review

Minnesota has some weird gun laws. Duty to retreat, waiting period on handguns and “assault rifles,” gun free zones, no suppressors or short barrel shotguns but short barrel rifles are okay, etc.

However, they have a few good laws, too. One of them, in theory, is the requirement that all firearms and ammunition be secured from persons under the age of eighteen. You know those assholes who keep guns on the shelf in a garage; that’s how kids or kid-minded adults get ahold of a firearm and then an “accident” happens.

Anyway, while there is no clear legal definition about what constitutes “reasonable steps” to secure firearms and ammunition from it’s all in our best interests to keep things under control.

For example, all of our ammunition in the house is secured in water-tight, lockable containers made by MTM (please read my reviews about the AC11 and AC50 containers). I then put two padlocks on each container.

That means a lot of cans, a lot of locks, and a lot of keys. I buy a dozen keyed-a-like padlocks at a time, but still. That’s a lot of keys.

The thing that you wind up dealing with is keeping the keys secure so you can keep the cans secure so you can keep the ammo secure so you can keep your ass out of jail.

Enter a lockable key cabinet by S.P. Richards. It does the job, and inexpensively too — which is important, because you’ve spent a shit-ton of money on ammo, cans, and locks already.

The SPR15602 model measures 10 x 3 x 12 inches and is made out of sheet metal. It locks (two keys provided) and has mounting holes so you can screw it into a wall or cabinet or whatever. Screws were not provided.

Also provided are sixty cool little plastic key tags. They are numbered, and have a metal snapping loop. I have labeled each key type with a sticker (different colors + a shape drawn with a Sharpie) and then put matching stickers on the appropriate padlocks. I also put matching sticker on each key tag.


This makes it easy to keep track of what key you need for which padlock, especially when we travel to our firearms training classes.

The cabinet also comes with a key log if you care about keeping track of where your keys are.

Installation was super easy and the cabinet is stable. If you need a secure way to keep track of the keys that make your stuff secure, consider the S.P. Richards Company cabinet.

Strongly recommended

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