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S3/Pelican PSP Hard Case Review

Okay, hot off the heels of the leather case review is my review of the S3 P 3000 case from the folks over at PrimeCases.

I orded my case on the 2nd of August and it arrived today. I guess I’m spoiled with NewEgg and their FedEx super saver shipping, so a week seemed an awfully long time to wait for this case. I am going to be sweating bullets until the machined aircraft aluminum case arrives from China.

Anyway, onto the hard case.

I bought this case because I need something to protect the PSP when I travel. I used Bond’s Logitech case when I went to California last month, and while it did OK protecting the PSP against bumps and scratches I wasn’t impressed with its coverage, or more importantly, its CRUSH RESISTANCE. I just about peed myself when a fellow traveller started shoving his framed rolling carry-on against my Timbuk2 bag in the overhead compartment. DON’T CRUSHES THE PEE ESS PEE! I was also concerned about the coverage area of the Logitech case. The Logitech case doesn’t protect the AC adapter port or the top left and right trigger buttons. I was afraid that if the PSP laid in my bag the wrong way it would depress one of the triggers the whole flight. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt anything, but I didn’t want to take chances with my buddy’s PSP.

The P 3000 comes in a few colors, yellow, blue, black and clear. The Web site only has pictures of the yellow case, so I played it safe and ordered the black one.

This thing is supposed to be super rugged: waterproof, dustproof, it floats, and can be run over by a car without damaging the contents. I wanted to try out the last part, but my girl wouldn’t let me 🙂

The case has a cutout sized just for the PSP.

I was a little concerned that my DecalGirl skin would rub, but none of the vinyl stickers edges really make contact with the case.

The PSP fits beautifully inside the case. I definitely won’t worry about the PSP rattling around while it’s inside.

The S3/Pelican case has a neoprene seal on the inside of the case. This is to prevent water and dust from getting into the case under high pressure. The case does have a pretty tight seal all on its own, but the seal takes it up a notch.

Now that I’m looking at this photo of the latch, I guess there is some separation between the shell pieces.

I still don’t think crap would get in there, but again, the seal takes extra care of it.

The one complaint I have about the case so far is that for being so big it doesn’t have any extra carrying capacity. The leather case I reviewed yesterday had a pouch for 1 UMD and 2 memory sticks. This beast has nada. I tried to lift the foam from the bottom of the case to stash stuff in there like I do with my gun cases, but the top and bottom sections are glued tight. Looks like I’ll need a second case of some kind to truck around the AC adapter, headphone control, and games.

I haven’t given this a stress test yet, but I probably should. My girl wouldn’t let me sink it in the tub or run it over with the car, but I may have to wait until she’s gone 🙂

As a point of clarification, the case is made by Pelican, but the insert is custom made for S3. S3 rebadges and sells the hard case to PrimeCases for a pretty skimpy price of $20USD plus shipping. That’s the same price as the Logitech case Bond has.

Strong points

  • Case is tough as hell
  • Black is beautiful
  • The latches, although plastic, seem really durable. It makes you feel safe locking your PSP up in there.
  • Pretty cheap for a case that is supposedly waterproof, crushproof, dustproof, and floats!

Crappy points

  • Would have been nice to see the other colors on the Web site
  • Slow shipping
  • Too big for everyday use, but the foam liner on the inside doesn’t allow for additional storage

S3 P 3000 case, I give thee:

4 out of 5 STFU mugs!

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