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Safe-Light Super Bright LED flashlight review Thanks to a tip on the Web, I found the Safe-Light Super Bright LED flashlight at The single LED flashlight is powered by a 9V battery (included) and is encased in rubberized plastic. The flashlight comes with a detachable, magnetized clip.

The flashlight is reported to be extremely durable and weather resistant, possibly waterproof down to shallow depths. I wouldn’t worry about dropping the light in a puddle or in a hurricane, but the light is not meant to be used in a submerged environment.

Operation is simple; there is a single push button that toggles the different operating modes. There’s Off, “find me,” low beam, high beam, and pulse. You must activate all five modes by holding down the power key for fifteen seconds. I believe this is to prevent the flashlight from being stuck on the high beam position during transit or while on display. The LED is very dimly lit in the “find me” mode, which helps locate the flashlight more quickly when you need it. The flashlight runs for a year on “find me,” a hundred hours on low beam or pulse, or twenty hours on high beam.

I received a free red LED flashlight from EDC for every white LED flashlight I purchased (I bought two, for a total of four). Here’s the red and white LEDs side by side in “find me” mode:

Low beam mode:

High beam mode:

The light is fairly bright, but the beam pattern is wide. That’s okay; I wouldn’t buy this flashlight as only or main light source. It’s a rugged, small flashlight that could be carried daily or attached to something that you might need lit up in an emergency. I have a red LED Super Bright magnetically attached to my safe door, in case I need to open the safe at night without turning on my main lights and ruining my night vision.
Here’s a picture of the underside of the light, with the clip attached. You could also attach a lanyard to the clip in case the light gets away from you.

From a subjective point of view, the Safe-Light Super Bright is bigger than I expected. I saw pictures of the light on another write up and was hoping it would be barely larger than the 9V battery that powers it. At that size, I would be more likely to carry it on my belt or in my pocket. The armored case really bloated the flashlight up, which is why I included a shot of the flashlight next to a AA battery. I think for daily carry I would opt for a slimmer, single AA battery flashlight. Even if I gave up some of the ruggedizing (Google spellchecker is going to have fun with that one), the Super Bright is just too bulky for me to tote around all the time. However, as a handy, tough light to get you to your main torch, the SB is an affordable, dependable little guy.

The Safe-Light Super Bright is available from for $12 for two before shipping. You can also find it from similar e-tailers or eBay.

Safe-Light Super Bright LED flashlight, I pulse out:
Four out of five STFU mugs!
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