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Samsung u740 mobile phone black plastic shell review

About a month ago I wrote about my new Samsung u740 mobile phone. I still love the phone, perhaps even more so as I have learned to use it better. I don’t use the voice-to-text feature unless I need a good laugh, but the keyboard makes text messaging so much easier than a traditional phone.

Right after July 4th I started poking around eBay for a case. I have enough shit on my belt, so I wasn’t really interested in a holster-style case. I wanted to put the phone in my pocket, but didn’t want to scratch up the external screen or camera lens. Instead of a traditional case, I found that were several eBayers selling plastic “shells” that clip onto the phone. The front and back were protected by separate pieces, and the side edges of the phone were left exposed. I liked that the shell didn’t appear to hinder the dual-hinged design of the u740. It’s important to be able to flip from the traditional “phone” orientation to the landscape orientation in order to use the QWERTY keyboard. I bought a clear one for Lady Jaye’s u740, and a black one for mine.

I bought the black shell from, which really took their sweet fucking time fulfilling my order and mailing it to me. I ordered the case on 07/05 and didn’t receive my order until 07/18. I bought the clear shell from “dasauction,” and it arrived the three business days after I ordered it. I’d avoid wirelessrage, but the product was as described and they didn’t gouge me for shipping like some eBayers do.

So, the black shell shows up, and I was immediately skeptical. The shell isn’t black plastic, it’s painted. The back of the front piece wasn’t even completely coated. You’d never see the backside of the front piece, but the lack of thorough craftsmanship spiked my confidence. The plastic was very thin, I was nervous about snapping the thin plastic of shell in half. Fortunately the two pieces snapped easily onto my phone. The entire installation process probably took fifteen seconds, and that’s because I was being careful.

There was one thing I disliked about the black shell in comparison to the clear one. The black shell came with a belt clip, which affixes to a spur on the back section. The spur makes the phone about twice as thick, and digs into your thigh if you’re crouching down while counter-sniping a tango or getting a sweaty lapdance from a hairy man-toed midget. You can’t remove the spur without breaking it off of the phone, and given how thin the plastic is I am afraid to do so.
I’d rip this damn thing off, but I’m afraid I’d crack the back piece.

Fast forward to today, a little over a month since I installed the black plastic cover. My u740 has taken a nice two foot drop, but aside from that it’s been in my left front pants pocket or left lower cargo pocket if I’m wearing shorts. The phone sometimes shares its home with my house keys. So far, the case has done its job and protected the front screen and camera lens well. As you can tell from the pictures, the finish is shot to hell, but since I’m more of a function over form kinda guy this isn’t a deal breaker.
At first I had no idea why the finish on the inside edge was worn down, but I think this is how I flip the phone open to send text messages.
Again, more wear from where I open the phone. I use this edge to open the phone to talk on it.

The black plastic shell does its job. I feel like it’s worth the $8 I paid for it, but the finish leaves a lot to be desired. If I had to do it all over again, I would have purchased two of the clear cases without the belt clip.

Samsung u740 mobile phone black plastic shell, I clip on:
Three and a half out of five STFU mugs!

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  1. Ed says:

    Hmm, an $8 purchase. I say snap that back piece off. Will only take you 3 days to replace if it fails. DO IT!