By March 28, 2006

Sasquatch Sighted!

So today makes the third week of my workouts with my trainer, Yoda. This was the first week I wrote down everything I ate. I was surprised at a few things, most notably how little calories I take in unless I go out to eat. I think it’s a learned behavior that tries to compensate for when I eat out.

Last week I had Lady Jaye take some pictures of me so I could compare what my body looks like now versus important milestones. My next big milestone will be in a few weeks when I get calipered again. Yoda thinks I can drop between 2% and 3% body fat a month. I figured I’d put them up on here to add more incentive for me to continue my training. I apologize that these pictures are a little dark.

I am totally cheating in this one by sticking my belly out. But it looks more gross, and therefore hopefully more compelling for me to shed that bit around my waist. Check out my sway back 🙂 Thanks a lot, life in front of a desk!

Expect my lats to get a lot bigger in a short amount of time, it’s one of my few easy-build zones.

Not too much to say here, as they’re just where I’m starting from. Hopefully I’ll have some better results to show you in a few more weeks :).

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  1. traceracer says:

    Now I see why you play a Tauren.

  2. ca11away says:


  3. drfaulken says:

    Just wait ’til summertime, sucka! It’ll be like a wookie up in Cleopatra’s pool!

  4. ca11away says:

    That will be fun; we have quite the taste for pool volley ball. The games, while heated, are very enjoyable. We won’t be “Letting the wookie win” however.