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Separated At Birth Lady Jaye and I took the kids to Rosie’s one-year puppy litter reunion. Four out of the six littermates were there, two boys and two girls. It was amazing to see the difference in size and stature between the males and the females. Capone, the biggest male and also the firstborn, was much larger than Rosie, who was born last. As Lady Jaye put it, “Capone looks like a real dog.”

294 pictures later, here’s the short story:

This is Rosie’s mom Caroline — she weighs no more than twenty-five pounds. Rosie weighs forty! I can’t believe she squeezed out six puppies! Her size also explains why she was so tired by the time Rosie was born! She was too rough when she separated Rosie’s umbilical cord and caused a hernia we later had surgically repaired.
Here’s Rosie running with her sister Macon. Rosie is on the right and has the purple collar on. They look almost identical, except for a large spot on Macon’s rear and that Macon’s ears are bigger. You can see Capone in the background.
I love watching the girls run — this shot shows Macon’s floppier ears.
Another shot of Rosie and Macon. What a pair of sweeties. The two girls got along swimmingly, and it makes me wonder if they were best friends when they were fostered together. Macon lives nearby; hopefully we’ll see her again soon on a playdate.
This is Capone. Capone was ultra-aggressive when we first met him as a puppy. He chewed on my fingertips and shoelaces and attacked my feet. He was definitely the alpha of the litter. When we met him as a young adult yesterday he was very docile. He retained his alpha male sense of independence, but he definitely mellowed out. Capone towered over the two girls, and was easily a third again as well-built as Gunner, the other male.
Speaking of, here’s Mr. Gunner. He was a super sweetheart. Unfortunately, Rosie didn’t think so at first, and ran up, jumped on his face, and knocked him to the ground, snarling. I wonder if he’d bullied her as a puppy. It was a weird reaction, and the only aggressive moment of the day among the littermates.

I don’t remember interviewing Gunner; I wonder if he was too sleepy to come out and play, or perhaps disqualified himself during one of my earliest tests. He’s grown up to be a really wonderful, personable dog. We had the pleasure of hosting Gunner, his mother and his father at our house for an hour after the reunion. They travelled up from Virginia Beach and were stuck in traffic for three hours. It seemed a shame to make them turn around and go back so quickly after their arrival.
Gunner likes to give kisses, just like the rest of his brothers and sisters. Kindness and a great social demeanor were common attributes among all the puppies.

One of my favorite parts of the day was watching the four reunited pups react to other dogs at the dog park. The pack pounced on the unsuspecting Huckleberry as soon as she entered the playpen:

Capone gave Huckleberry an initial pounce-and-sniff, but ambled off to play on his own. Gunner provided the frontal assault. Rosie and Macon took smashing into her: when Huckleberry would turn on one, the other sister would wtfpwn Huck from the other side.
We couldn’t leave Porter at home while the rest of us went out. He had a lot of fun playing with the other dogs. I was concerned that he would be over-protective of Rosie, but that wasn’t an issue. He enjoyed palling around with Capone and checking out all of the water dishes in the playpen.

It was a great day, even with the wicked heat. Everyone was enthusastic about the pups. We were fortunate to have Caroline there with her foster parents. They are an exceedingly nice couple who foster dogs out of their home. Capone’s mom and dad made treat bags for everyone, even bringing one for Porter!! What a great group of people, and a great group of dogs.

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  1. Stomper says:

    They’re so cute! It was great to see them playing and having such a good time.

  2. Bond says:

    wow, great way to lose your dog. Sure you brought the right one home? :p