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Sergeant’s community liason responds to SentryPro XFC post

I wrote a post about Sergeant’s SentryPro XFC topical flea and tick product almost a year and a half ago. The treatment threw Porter and Rosie into an allergic reaction that consisted of trembling, panting, scratching, and “air licking.” I made the post because I was upset. I was upset at Sergeant’s for putting the product out. I followed the directions and BOTH of my dogs has an adverse reaction. I was also upset at myself for not using my usual Frontline (which I’ve never had a problem with before or since the SentryPro incident).

So, I made the post in May of 2007. I had no idea that thousands of people would read the post, hundreds would comment, dozens would email me personally, and the post would be the number one Google search result for “SentryPro XFC.” I got mentioned on The Consumerist. Some of my readers started a class action lawsuit.

It took all of that an sixteen months, but Sergeant’s finally responded.

People who have posted a comment in the past are automatically emailed when someone makes a new comment, so hundreds of people got an email tonight with Sergeant’s reply. A few people have already started to reply …. I have a feeling this isn’t over by a long shot.

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  1. jon fernald says:

    My girlfriend used Sentry Pro XFC on her jackrusille today and not even two hours went by before her dog went in to shock from the medicine. The thing that i don’t understand is why isn’t know one doin anything to get this praduct of the market.One thing i want to say to anyone that reads this, im sorry for your losses..
    Jon Fernald

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hi everyone.

    I’m literally in tears reading this. I can’t believe they can sell this stuff, and not cheap I may add. I have 3 of my own dogs and one of a friends I have been taking care of. This afternoon I out Sentry Pro XFC on all of them. They all seemed fine no worries. About an hour later my rat terrier started acting weird, he was licking the air, I have a medical background, so immediately I thought of the flea med causing a reaction and his throat was closing. He was also literally screaming in pain. He was vomiting foam and had diarrhea.

    I live 40 miles from the nearest vet, and I was panicked. I called my vet she said to give him benedryl to open his airway, that helped somewhat.

    I called the number on the back and the lady I spoke with assured me everything would be OK, he was just having an allergic reaction and to give him a few baths and water with milk in it.

    So he had 3 baths in Dawn, eating fine, but acting weird, and still itchy. Then I noticed a new problem. He back leg was acting weird. I called the number, she said that he may have gotten some product on his foot and it was tingling. After reading this, and suspecting it myself, I think it’s neurological. It seems like he can’t see or something. Idk he’s still eating, but I’m so worried.

    I will also add, all the other dogs seem fine, itchy, but OK. They have all had baths of course, and I’m hoping it will stay fine.

  3. Danielle says:

    WHY are their class action law suits for humans who take medicine and have severe side effects but nothing can be done to remove this product from the shelves of a store? I am going to Pets Mart tomorrow and putting sign right above this product that it can kill your pet. I have a 5 year old, 12lb Affenpoo (Affenpinscher/Poodle) who has suffered for at least 12 hours now. I thought she was dying about 4 hours ago. There is no reason on earth why this product should still be sold. My cousin is a lawyer and he will be receiving a call from me in the morning. If I can get a lawsuit started, I will re-post on here and ask to get your information if you choose to provide. Sergents will be receiving a call tomorrow and by the way if you have a complaint send as much written documentation to SENTRY Consumer Response PO BOX 540399, Omaha, NE 68154-0399. The more they get the better IMO.

  4. Scott Cherf says:

    I wanted to post an update on my experience with this product when applied according to directions to two 13 week old Rottweiler pups in October of last year. Both pups developed extreme photosensitivity within two hours of applying the product. They were found hiding together in a 10 inch diameter storm sewer that runs under the road to my barn.

    One of the pups developed a palm sized burn on his left shoulder under the point of application, the other pup recovered from the neurological effects within 24 hours with no lasting physical damage.

    The burned pup was taken to a vet who washed the area with detergent and debrided the wound. She said the tissue on the shoulder was dead but the injury would likely heal after sloughing off the damaged dermis and epidermis. She said that in 24 years of practice she had never seen a chemical burn as bad as this one.

    As she predicted, the damaged tissue sloughed off within two weeks. During that time I treated the wound with an essential oil called helichrysum, which is used to repair damaged skin and reduce scaring. At a three week followup exam my vet asked me what I had used to treat the wound and said that the pup’s recovery was frankly amazing.

    8 weeks after the injury the wound had healed completely and all of the hair in area had re-grown.

    I submitted the vet bills and photographs to Sergeant’s after notifying them of the incident by phone. They were very responsive and followed up quickly by sending me an incident report form along with instructions for submitting a adverse reaction claim.

    Last week I received a quit claim release from Sergeant’s offering to cover all costs associated with treatment. The pups have both now fully recovered from their injuries.

    While I agree that this product should be removed from the market immediately, I must credit Sergeant’s for a quick and complete response to my report.

  5. Jason Green says:

    Okay….Sunday April 18th, 2010 I applied SentryPro XFC to my 3 year old black lab, Shadow. My wife and I noticed this evening (April 19th, 2010) that his hind legs hand started to spasm. After scratching our heads and retracing our steps, a light bulb went off. We had never used a flea/tick treatment other than Frontline. We quickly did some research online and found that we were not alone.
    We rushed Shadow into the bathtub and washed him with Dawn, which we read as a home remedy on several other posts. Since his bath he has been a little less restless, but still has leg spasms and scratching at his sides. We are going to watch him closely through the night and if these symptoms persist, we plan on calling the vet in the morning to figure out our next step.
    Not only are these issues with our beloved pup, but my pregnant wife is experiencing abnormal headaches which started today (April 19, 2010). We also read on other posts that headaches and nose bleeds are possible in humans when exposed to SentryPro XFC.
    I am making this post not only to say “SHAME” on Sergeant, but to also document our day to day while hopefully resolving our issue. My wife will be contacting her doctor in the morning to see what we need to do to prevent any damage to our unborn as well as my wife.
    “SHAME” on you Sergeant and those retailers that proudly display this product on their shelves.
    Please check back for a status update.

  6. Mike F. says:

    Jason Green,

    My dog had hind leg spasms for about a week and a half after applying SentryPro XFC. If your lab has access to a staircase, I recommend baby-gating if off. My old girl took a nasty spill down a flight of stairs because of a random spasm.

    Good luck to you and your family.

  7. Krista Reardon says:

    I am so sad to read all of these horror stories to your beloved pets..I to applied this terrible product to my 6 year old pekepoo Petey. I watched in distress as he was bouncing off of furniture, scratching, puking, and having bloody diarrea..I have always used frontline(with absolutely no problems), but due to the economy I tried the cheaper, but comparable Sentrypro XFC, but to my disgust realize it is a possible death sentence to a wonderful, playful, beautiful family member. I called the 1-800 #, and they to told us to use the dawn and vitamin e oil every hour which we immediately did, but with no change. This product needs to be taken off of the market, and they need to be held responsible for what they have done to each and everyone of us! Good luck to all of you, and spread the word..DON’T USE THIS PRODUCT!!!

  8. Katie Lee says:

    Well, I sure wish I had investigated this product before I bought it and used it on my poor baby! I bought it at pet smart thinking it would save money and not at all thinking it would harm my 8 month old Jug, maggie. I mean why would they sell it if it woudl right??? So i put it on her Friday night and she started freaking out almost immediately. I thought she just didnt like having something on her back! It got worse throughoutthe night and she did not sleep, just ran around the house out of control at times, looking at and scratching her back. I decided to look for advice of what to do online and i came across TONS of complaints about the meds. I feel so horrible that i gave it to my little girl. I washed her in dish soup, gave her benedry and she is getting a bit better but still not right. She is constanly looking at her back as if in pain or something and she scratches it. Its breaking my heart and i will do anyting i can to get rid of this horrible medicine. Does any one have additional advice on how to comfort her?

  9. Esther says:

    I too wish that I had read about this product, Sentry Pro XFC before buying it. Two days ago I put it on my two yorkies, one 4 lb. and one 10lb. Well, what a nightmare it created. You would have thought that my dogs were invested with fleas the way they were jumping around and continually scratching and panting heavily. After a few hours I washed it off using a bit of Dawn Dishsoap to get the oil off and then used a a dog shampoo for sensative skin. Though I was too late. All night the dogs were jumping up, rolling around on the floor and the panting was non stop. It was really scarey. Now both yorkies have half-dollar size scabby welts on both sides of their shoulders. Their skin is raw. Don’t buy this product – you will regret it.

  10. Robert Keech says:

    I’d like to get my hands on the Sorry Bastards that make and market this trash. My little female miniature schnauzer has a major chemical burn and is in alot of pain. SENTRY PRO XFC IS POISON AND SHOULD BE TAKEN OFF OF MARKET. I WILL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW OF THIS GARBAGE!!!!! There’s a special place in Hell for the greedy SOBs that profit off of poisoning our pets. I am as angry as I’ve ever been. Shame on SERGEANTS PET POISON COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. DrFaulken says:

    I am sorry to hear about your pup. Please channel your anger by spreading the word and signing the ongoing online petition. I hope your dog has a full and speedy recovery.

  12. Teresa says:

    My 10 lb shih-tzu has had the same symptoms and we used the product for the same reasons. It’s absolutely ridiculous that this product is still on the market. It’s irresponsible and predatory. Having a hotline number and the poor excuse of a disclaimer stating that “Sensitivities may occur with ANY pesticide product use on pets,” should have been a red flag for not using this product. I will no longer by Sergeant’s Products nor will I be patronizing Petsmart.

  13. BOB says:

    SentryPro XFC is a very dangerous product and should be banned from sale!! Pet Smart and Petco need to be held accountable for having this product on the shelf!!

  14. Donna says:

    This is the worst product ever i am just so worried about my little pug hes scratching, crying and licking. It’s like he is on some kind of awful drug. I bathed him in dawn now waiting to see how long the effects last. I called my vet have to wait it out if he starts foaming at the mouth to bring him down. Bastards should pay hurting innocent animals and taking advantage of consumers.

  15. Chris says:

    I have to say that this is the worst product on the market and I wish I had read this prior to giving my dog this crap. I will be reading up on everything now before I ever give him anything. I have a 3.5 year old boxer named Sergeant and I actually gave this product to him twice before I figured out what it was doing. The first time I had applied it, he seemed fine the first night but the next day I noticed him shaking a lot and was having muscle spasms on his sides. However, he also had diahrea and was acting sick so I took him to the vet and he had gotten a baterial infection from eating grass at the dog park. The vet gave him anti biotics and ear meds but when I asked if the flea meds could be causing the spasms, he vet said it was more likely caused by the bacterial infection in his stomach. So I dismissed it and by the time the infection ran it’s course, the flea med side effects had subsided and I never thought twice about it. Then about 4 days ago, I applied his flea meds again and once again the spasms and shaking came back. I recognized it and knew Sergeant wasn’t sick this time so I did some research and I can’t beleive all the cases on here I’m reading about. It doesn’t seem that the SentryPro XFC is effecting him as badly as some of the others I’ve read about, but he is definitely suffering some of the symptoms. This is ridiculous that this product is still available since I’m seeing posts going all the way back to 2007. To treat Sergeant, I bathed him and gave him a big cow leg bone for him to chew on and it kept him busy while the symptoms wore off. Sergeant is about 80 pounds of pure muscle so I can only imagine how badly this crap effected small dogs…my sympathy goes out to all of you and lets get the word out so other people don’t make the same mistake.

  16. Adam says:

    Well here is the latest reply. Thanks to everyone for posting what works against this crap. Note the time of this (1:21am). Just got off the phone with the Sentry Pro XFC 800 hotline and told them what is happening to my dogs. I bought the small dog package from PETSMART in PACE, FL and administered a tube to each of my three dogs. A few hours later I noticed my Poodle was running around low to the ground and couldnt sit still. She threw up clear vomit 6 times within a couple hours and was walking around doing something funny with her hind legs. The other two are flying off the wall too. Thank God I didn’t let my little girl touch them today after I put this junk on, who knows what would have happened since there is no “Keep out of reach of small children” warning on the carton.I just knew from previous experience using Advantage. After seeing how my dogs are reacting now I understand why SERGEANT insists on putting a note to the physician or veterinarian on the back of the box. In other words the product is junk and be prepared to make a hospital/ vet run later. I gave my dogs baloney, treats, pedialite, gatorade and fish oil. They seem a little better now that they have a little something in there stomach’s and some fluids/ electrolytes. I hope they are doing better in the morning. As for me I am taking the carton, my receipt and a print out of these responses to PETSMART tomorrow to add to the complaint list. Will I get my $20 back, probably not, but it is worth a try…At least I will have said something. SERGEANT this is completely un-American you should cease manufacturing this product, I am sure you are well aware of what you are doing, it is only a matter of time until you get caught.

  17. Megan says:

    Only if I did some research before buying this crap. I applied some on my two dogs and ever since I have, they’ve been acting crazy. They constantly scratch and bite the area I applied it to. I gave them two baths, and it still didn’t work. Then, I did some research and was shocked at the absurd amount of complains regarding the product. Many of the complains said to feed them 25mg of Benadryl. So, my sister went out to buy some Benadryl at 2 A.M…now hopefully my babies will feel better tomorrow morning. I’ll be buying Frontline from now on…if I ever decide on using these again.

    F*** you, SENTRYPRO XFC flea&tick squeeze-on for dogs, You should be taken off the shelves.

  18. Kim says:

    I cannot believe what I am reading. I have always used Frontline. Well, I recently went to PetSmart and bought Sentrypro. It is much cheaper so I thought I would try it. I put it on my small maltese dog who is two years old. My schnauzer was asleep so I didnt put it on her thank the Lord. Within about 15 or 20 minutes my dog starting running around all over the place like crazy. At first I didn’t really think anything of it, because she does this after a bath or after I brush her or whatever. She is hyper. Well then she started panting and licking and drooling and still running around. Could not get still. She was scratching and whining. I got online and found these posts. Well these are from 2007 and now it is 2010 and I cannot believe this stuff is still on the market. She just got worse. She started foaming at the mouth and dry heaving and finally threw up foam and a yellow looking liquid. All of this running around and scratching and crying lasted all night. I literally did not go to sleep the entire night. We bathed her twice during the night and gave her Benadryl. It has been 24 hours now and she is still itching and whining.. She seems to have gradually gotten a little better all day but not back to normal. I have had her on Benadryl all day. She is so tired but cannot get comfortable and sleep. I am hoping it will continue to get better. What can be done about this? This stuff could kill a dog. Especially one that may have a low immune system or something. My other dog is older and I am not sure she would have survived this. WHAT IS IN THIS STUFF? I am so furious about this. How was I to know when I went to a PET STORE that I could buy something that could harm my pet? So so mad. I will pay the price and use frontline from now on.

  19. Adam says:

    I actually talked to PETSMART here in Pace, FL were I live and they could care less about discontinuing this product. The manager actually got defensive when I showed her a small stack of printouts with people comments. There is a reasone why PETSMART still carries this crap, probably gets a kickback for every box sold in a quarter of the fiscal year.

  20. Nicole says:

    Wow!! I should have looked at some of these posts before my husband and I went to PetSmart to get this ridiculous product for our 2 yr. old 10 lbs. ShihTzu, Gizmo. He has been running around like crazy, jumping on and off the couch, crying (whining) like someone is poking him with a hot poker, and he can’t sit still! I AM SO PISSED OFF that this product is still on the market! So plez, everyone out there, DO NOT BUY THE SENTRYPRO XFC FLEA AND TICK DROPS FOR YOUR DOGS OR ANY ANIMAL!!! I pray that my poor precious Gizmo and any other dog that used this product out there will be okay =(

  21. Michelle says:

    I have a pug named Chloe and she is 4.5 years old she had a seizure due to this lovely sentry pro medication. I think that it is absolutely ridiculous that they are allowed to have this medication on the shelf and whoever sells it should be ashamed of themselves. I am ashamed of myself for purchasing this crap. Called the hotline they just kept trying to have us admit that we had administered it incorrectly. The better question is why are they still in business? I can read I know what the instructions say,and it is very upsetting that even though they know that their product is crap they try to blame us for the situation. I will be talking to a lawyer this week because my vet says that my pug may continue to have seizures because of this product because it is already in the blood stream. I would just like to know how they sleep at night knowing they hurt poor innocent animals. I hope and PRAY that chloe is ok, and for their sake they better hope the same thing.

  22. Kim says:

    Add me to the list. I just put this on my 4 lb. chihuahua without doing my homework first. He has been twitching, jerking and scratching now for a day and a half! He walks as though he is in pain and picks up his back legs while tring to walk. Luckily he has not gotten sick or been crying but he is obviously verrry uncomfortable! This is nuts that after this many people have posted similar reactions, a store like Petsmart would continue to allow this s**t on their shelves! I am outraged and they and the makers will be hearing from me.

  23. M C A says:

    I wish I looked this up prior to using this product. I found this massive posts of complaints, after applying the stuff to my poor little dog and wondering what on earth was going on! I thought my dog was going to die!!!

    Applied this to my 5 year old Havanese last night around 4pm. About 20-30mins after application, he started to whine, which is very uncharacteristic of him, since he is a very mild, quiet, mellow dog. Within about 10 more minutes he started to pace and act restless. He started jumping on and off the couch and running to his different spots throughout the house. I gave him some of his favorite food, which he ignored, but I took it to his lips until he started licking it. Luckily, I got him to eat a little. A little over an hour after application, I took him for a walk. He started running up and down, left and right! He never runs — he is mellow and likes to sniff and smell things on his walk. No, he was running and headed for a grassy area. He then started eating loads of grass! He NEVER eats grass! He was frantically chewing up loads of grass and would not pull away. I finally snapped him out of it and forced him home. When we got back in, he continued to whine, pace, and act very restless. Within two hours of application, he started licking the air! This stupid product was causing my dog to act HIGH on CRACK! He was running around in different directions, licking the air, and when I tried to look at his skin, he actually growled at me…which he NEVER does! He then vomited foamy stuff and grass all over my sofa and throw pillows! It was now 7pm on Sunday, so I looked up the product online and found this. I gave him two showers in a row–luckily, I use Dawn. He was still going crazy and he continued with his symptoms and on top of that started furiously digging at everything–the sofa, the carpet, his bed, the chairs…! I went to the bathroom to put stuff away, and less than 5 minutes later, I saw that he dumped a load of liquid poop all over my bedroom carpet!!! He NEVER goes in the house! He always comes to me when he needs to go to the bathroom. I know that he was that MAD at me for giving him this stupid product that he purposely pooed all over my bedroom carpet!!! He doesn’t even really go to my bedroom, because he knows that is my personal space, but he purposely pooed all over! I was so upset with him, I put him outside on my patio while I cleaned up his mess! When I opened the patio to let him back in, he was dirty from digging up all of my planters and pots! He NEVER does this! I had to give him yet another bath! It was close to midnight now, and he was more restless than ever. I decided to take him on another walk, as tired as I was. Again, he started running in different directions and then started running directly for my car. He started circling at my car door and would not leave! I think he wanted me to take him to the vet! I told him, “it is Sunday at midnight, you cannot go to the doctor, because they are not open. I can go to Walgreens and get you medicine, okay?”

    We hopped in the car and got medicine. He kept digging into my seats the whole time and whining. He never does this and he knows better than to dig at my car seats. I got him his Benadryl and vitamin E oil. It was a nightmare trying to get him to take even a little of it, at which he actually growled a few times and I had to get him into a headlock to finally take it. We got home and he continued to act like he was on drugs. I grabbed his bed, his food, his water and favorite toy and locked him in the bathroom for the night. That seemed to calm him. I was so scared for him and read all the posts here throughout the night. As soon as morning came around, I opened the door and there he was waiting for me. He seemed much better. It’s been more than 24 hours since applying the stuff. He is bright red where the Sentry Pro XFX was applied. He is still whining a little and a little more restless than usual, but 90% less than last night. I noticed he was super thirsty throughout the day, too, but overall…I am so LUCKY he is alive!!!!!!!!!!

    Because of this stupid product, I ended up buying Benadryl, vitamin E-Oil, and pampers (for his uncontrollable pooping-which I ended up not using, since I stuck him in the bathroom. I spent hours on 3 baths in one night — a total of FOUR in one day, plus blow drying time and time spent making drugstore runs, cleaning up vomit, cleaning up liquid poo all over my carpet, cleaning up all the plant dirt on my patio, and two long runs with a frantic dog! I am so Exhausted!

    Sentry XFC Pro needs to recompensate all of us for dishwashing detergent, Benadryl, Vitamin E Oil, vet bills, the time spent fixing what their product cause, and for the emotional stress it has caused on all of us…including our dogs!!!!!!

  24. Laura Drake says:

    I can’t believe after all these years this CRAP is still on the market. Yesterday we put this drug on both of our german shepherds, Oatmeal and Calikota, and Oatmeal had a violent reaction. It’s likely she licked it off her sister’s coat. She threw up more than I’ve ever seen a dog do, then ran to the back door. We let her out and she ran out to eat dried weeds in our yard. Knowing that eating grass is how they make themselves throw up more, I put on her leash and took her to the front yard where she gnawed at the grass like a goat on crack. She wouldn’t STOP! We tried to give her a bit of water, which she refused. She threw up a very tiny portion of the grass but was still freaking out. I called our vet while holding onto her leash with my son’s help. They told me they had heard of many cases of this and to get her bathed and to the emergency clinic immediately, which we did. We bathed both dogs quickly, but thoroughly, and my daughter bathed her cats since they had the feline version of this CRAP!

    Once at the ER, both dogs were very hyper, had fevers, elevated blood pressures/pulses and were snapping the the clinicians and doctor. After being muzzled, they were able to treat our poor Oatmaeal with an anti nausea med by injection after we held her down physically. Has anyone at Sargeants ever held down a 61 pound shepherd on crack!!!???? They also gave us meds to give to Oatmeal for the next four days.

    This morning she is still hyper and whatever they had to do to her made her meds that she takes daily for spay incontinence useless. On top of everything else, she is now leaking urine all over our house. Thank god for wood floors and not carpet!!!

    I called the 800 number listed in these posts and all they do is take a report and are sending me a form for review by committee and determination if it was their fault and IF they will reimburse me for my expenses.

    I have posted on Facebook and everywhere else I can find … DO NOT USE THIS CRAPPY POISON! Our vet and the ER vet say the only safe flea treatment for your babies is Frontline. It’s more expensive, but so worth it!

    Tell everybody you know and your pet stores. Make them take it off their shelves. You can accidentally kill your babies by using this poison.

    Good luck everybody! <3

  25. Ruby says:

    Im sooo upset I just got through reading the comments regarding sentrypro. I just bought it yesterday and put it on my dog(shihtzu) and she has been up all night from panting, looks like she is on crack. Im soo upset I could cry. I feel bad that I didnt research before i put it on her. The lady from petsmart was the one who suggested it. I trusted her being she worked with animals and all. Dont know what to do? Do the side effects go away and how long does it take. Is there something I could do to decrease them. Help she is my baby and I dont want to lose her.


  26. Hoyt says:

    Immediately give her a bath with Dawn dish washing liquid. Rinse well and wash again. Rinse well, then you can gently wash with a mild dog shampoo… something with oatmeal is what I used. I gave children’s benadryl or 1/2 tablet or an adult tablet for about 4 days and it took one of my Scotties 3 weeks to fully recover from staggering.
    I originally posted almost a year ago and this stuff is STILL on the market. I am still livid with this company that they continue to leave it on the shelves. I will never set foot in PetSmart ever again because they know what this product is doing.

  27. Opal says:

    My 3 yr old house cat, Little Jon had some fleas so I bought Sergeants Silver. It was for 5 lb cats and over and Jon weight almost 9 pounds.
    I put it on him at 10 o’clock and a half hour later he was gagging. So I washed it off. Then around 3 o’clock I couldn’t find him anywhere. He usually comes when I call…but nothing, no sign of him. I finally found him under my bed with his teeth clinched shut and shaking.
    I washed his neck again and called the vet. They said to bring him in.
    They had to give him an IV solution to counter act the poison (and that’s what it is, poison). He had to stay overnight and he had never been away from me before.
    I raised him from a baby when his mother left him so he is my baby. I didn’t sleep at all that night.
    The vet said that they see this all the time. So why is it still on the market.
    I contacted Sergeants and they said if I fill out a form called: Adverse Reaction Report, they would reimburse me for my vet bill. Not for my overdraft fees or my fax costs, not to mention my loss of sleep and what Little Jon went through. I told them I won’t be filling it out, for them to send me an “Attempted Murder” form and I would be glad to.
    It wasn’t an adverse reaction, IT’S POISON!!!!!
    Anyway, I’m going to sue them if it takes 12 years and every penny I have. Whose with me?

  28. Sabrina says:

    I am so outraged after reading all these posts. I bought this product at Petsmart and now my poor dog is exhibiting all the same symptoms as above: Drooling, running around like she’s on fire, fidgiting,licking the area where it was applied, and the occasional cry/whine. She has been hiding in her kennel for two hours now. I have given her two baths, benedryl and making sure she drinks lots of water. I am getting her to drink a lot of water by putting a little food in her water bowl. She LOVES to eat so she has been willing to drink the water to get all the food. I live in a National Park- 2 hours from the nearest Vet and it’s snowing!! I cannot believe this crap is on the market. It is an unwelcomed but much needed reminder that the FDA is full of crap and allows consumers to purchase things are clearly not safe!

  29. PAM WITTE says:

    I put this poison on both of my dogs Monday night. Luckily, it only negatively affected one of them. My cockapoo Dudley has not slept in 48 hours now, wants to be pet constantly, is panting, jumps up like pins are pricking him everytime he lies down and keeps shaking and scratching like a million bugs are crawling on him. I have given him two baths – he’s no better. I called our vet – he said we just have to wait for it to get out of his system.

    I feel horrible….I only decided to try this crap because I wanted to save a little money. ($20 at Petsmart vs. $60 for Frontline) NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE THIS POISON! IT SHOULD BE TAKEN OFF OF ALL STORES SHELVES. Nothing but Frontline from now on…..NEVER had any problem with that.

    I plan on going back to Petsmart tonight and letting the manager know about the problems with this medication!

  30. marissa harris says:

    I recently purchased Sentry Pro XFC from Pet Co. I normally use Advantage, and thought I’d save money and try Sentry Pro XFC instead. What a mistake! 2 days after using this product my mixed terrier developed a horrible burn on her skin about 2″inches in diameter! I was in shock and immediately rinsed the area on her back, and put neo-sporin on her. I felt like how could a product like this be on the market??? I immediately called Sentry at the number listed on the box and the spokeswoman just calmly (or routinely) said to wash my dog with a mild soap like”Dawn” dish soap and put vitamin E oil on her. ??? I ended up having to give my dog antibiotics so she would not get an infection, and it’s been 3 weeks, and she is still healing. Whoever reads this, I sure hope it helps you. Don’t use this product ever!

  31. LOLI Kolbe says:

    Why don’t they take this product out off the selves? Who is profiting? THe vets? The pet shops? certainly Sentry pro BUT certainly not the dogs nor their owners!

  32. Mike Stephens says:

    Applied Sentry Pro XFC to my 2 year old Labradoodle at 8:00PM this evening. At 3:00 AM I heard her in the crate shaking, panting, and making noise. She is always very quiet and calm at night. When I let her out she was agitated, panting, and clearly in distress. I bathed her thoroughly after Googling Sentry Pro. This stuff should be off the market.

  33. Tammy says:

    Used this awful stuff- the cat version – and my 1 years old cat is now in the 24 to 48 hour waiting period at the vet to see IF he will make it.

  34. christina says:

    We used SentryPro XFC on our 2 dogs last night before bed .They seemed fine .But in the morning our 2 yr old Shih Tzu was whining and twiching in pain.We bathed her in dawn 3 times and she has had benadryll but shes still in pain and twiching.shame on this company for doing this to animals they are pretending to protect.If she is not better by morning (fathersday) we will have to visit the vet. My husban was just laid off and i do not have the means to pay for this .And She should not have to suffer.

  35. sue says:

    Same story with my dog yesterday. Oh how I wish I had seen this before using this horrible product on my dog. She itched and panted for hours! She could not sit still or lay down, even after I bathed her. I’ve already spoken to my vet, local Petsmart and the Sargeants hot-line vet. I feel absolutely horrible that I put my wonderful pet through all of this pain, thanks to this horrible product! Has anyone noticed any long-term effects? I asked the Sargeants vet about this and she had no answer. Go figure!

  36. Katie says:

    Hey Sue, I get notifications everytime someone posts here..its always someone like me, someone whose poor dog got that horrible reaction the the Sargeants. It happened to me some time ago and i felt so horrible for my little girl. I just wanted to respond though to let you know that she has had no long term effects and its been about two years. I cringe everytime i see this stuff on the shelf. Hopefully someday they will remove it

  37. Annette says:

    August 6,2011
    Used SentryPro XFC on my chihuahua and the next day he started shaking his head and scratching his ear. We took him to the vet thinking that he had a fox tail. We didn’t mention the SentryPro because we didn’t think of it. She sent him home and said to call if it continued. He was up and down all night when it finally dawned on us that my husband had applied the flea med. Long story short we’ve done the 3 dawn baths and the vet at the 800 number suggested vitamin e oil.
    He’s a little better now. We’ll see. They definitely need to get rid of this stuff or have the CEO of the company use a similar product on his or herself and enjoy the itching for two days!

  38. Kathy says:

    After applying Sentry Pro XFC on my Australian Shepherd, two hours later he had a severe reaction to these drops. Every muscle in his body was shaking violently and he was foaming at the mouth. I got him into the tub and scrubbed him with Palmolive, took him to my vet where he spent the whole day on IV to get the poison out of him. His skin was burned and he had a fever of 105. My vet bill is $315! I shouldn’t have a vet bill from something that wasn’t supposed to harm him! Something needs to be done about this! If there’s a class action lawsuit, I want in on it. My visit is documented. They said the day before they had a cat in for the same thing, except the cat had to be euthanized! This needs to be taken off the market and the company held accountable! My poor dog was poisoned!

  39. Sarah says:

    I have never been so outraged with a product or a store! My heart goes out to all of you who’ve lost your precious best friends and/or had to watch them in agony! Yesterday, I purchased the SentryPro XFC for both my 80 pound boxer and my 6 pound cat (appropriate size and animal of course). Last night, I put it on my dog first since he’s always been tolerant of the frontline. Within 19 minutes he was trying to lick the area (had to put a makeshift cone on him!) and hes been scratching and rolling around ever since. At first I thought maybe it was just the fleas getting agitated and maybe even biting more but then I started the research (I know, stupid of me to wait until after application. Crazy part is…I researched the safety of the shampoos an of course, no adversity there). I am lucky in that he isn’t panting, shaking, or convulsing but he is clearly uncomfortable. Thank God I didn’t apply this to my fragile little kitty! I even tried to look up positive reviews for this product…THERE ARE NONE! Shame on Seargeant and PetSmart for not taking this off the shelf! Best of luck to all of you with your babies.

  40. Wendy says:

    I lost my cat after using Sergeant Silver. I called the company to complain and not only did they not seem concerned about the death of my cat, they didn’t seem to think the $600 vet bill was a big deal either. Tammy at Sergeant just kept telling me that’s not the reaction they expect from their product over and over. She also tried to tell me my cat must have had underlying problems to have died from this. He was di

  41. Dee H says:

    I accidentally put an old tube of this (dog treatment) on my cat, he is suffering so badly now! WIthin hours he was tremoring, foaming at the mouth, vomiting, diaherrhia. He seems to be hallucinating. I am heartbroken.

    The vet gave him a steroid shot and a bath, but I worry he will not recover. It is soo sad.

  42. Julie M. says:

    I sick to my stomach reading this “after” I gave this to my Izzy. She is partially paraylized and we will be going to the emergency vet today with hopes and prayers she will recover. How dare they still be allowed to sell this killer product still. That the hell is wrong with this country that there are no laws governing the products that we can purchase at stores that are supposed to be geared towards our pets. I am heartbroken and pray she recovers.

  43. I too wish we too had read, we were a week away from a normal vet appointment, and figured we would get something in the interim. We read boxes and boxes. We use this product on two of our dogs, and I thought for sure we were going to lose one. The reaction was so bad. She still is not herself after two day. WE STAYED UP ALL NIGHT BY HER SIDE AND WATCHING HER CLOSESLY. Bought from Petco in Lexington Park Maryland. JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

  44. zach stultz says:

    I have a similar story about the purrscriptions made by sentry, my cat is dying and i cannot afford a vet seeing as how I have a heart condition and live on a fixed income. I found a lawsuit trying to be filed on facebook and we need 18 more complaints against the company to file. Please refer to the link so that we can all be compensated for our economical losses and broken hearts.IF anyone would like to become an organizer of this lawsuit and help me find more to file with us please email me at [email protected] The following link will contain the webpage to the lawsuit.

  45. Jill Hartsell says:

    I just bought this product at pet smart and my 4 yr. old Keeshond started acting crazy. She was running around and rubbing herself on trees and the ground. She is breathing heavy and I knew it had to be the sentry flea and tick I gave him. I looked on-line and immediately gave him 2 baths with Dawn. He never sits still and is now just laying down breathing heavy. I will be at Pet Smart in the morning to talk to them about this product and letting every dog owner i know about not using any products from this company. And yes I used the right one with the correct weight for my dog.

  46. Christine says:

    How long did it last? I gave this product to my dog yesterday and he is so restless. He is whining and itching and can’t settle down. I gave four baths. Put vitamin E oil at the site. I have given benadryl also. I called them and they said he should be good by tomorrow night. I am so scared!