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Sergeant’s community liason responds to SentryPro XFC post

I wrote a post about Sergeant’s SentryPro XFC topical flea and tick product almost a year and a half ago. The treatment threw Porter and Rosie into an allergic reaction that consisted of trembling, panting, scratching, and “air licking.” I made the post because I was upset. I was upset at Sergeant’s for putting the product out. I followed the directions and BOTH of my dogs has an adverse reaction. I was also upset at myself for not using my usual Frontline (which I’ve never had a problem with before or since the SentryPro incident).

So, I made the post in May of 2007. I had no idea that thousands of people would read the post, hundreds would comment, dozens would email me personally, and the post would be the number one Google search result for “SentryPro XFC.” I got mentioned on The Consumerist. Some of my readers started a class action lawsuit.

It took all of that an sixteen months, but Sergeant’s finally responded.

People who have posted a comment in the past are automatically emailed when someone makes a new comment, so hundreds of people got an email tonight with Sergeant’s reply. A few people have already started to reply …. I have a feeling this isn’t over by a long shot.

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  1. Angie Dumestre says:

    OMG, I wish I had found this site sooner. Same symptoms as all the rest. I had already bathed my dogs several times and gave benadryl before finally doing some research. I am very lucky my dogs where not as bad as some of these unlucky pets. I don’t understand…the FDA has yanked some products that had far less side effects. Why have they not done something about this crap.

    Value your pets life not the almighty dollar. I had to learn the hard way too.

  2. Teri says:

    Like so many, I used this product with horrible results. Two nights ago, I applied the product to my five dogs. All but one had a reaction. Two of them were so bad, I was forced to take them to the vet after, giving all of them baths, forcing tuna water down them, and rubbing aloe (I live in Florida) on their backs. The two worst dogs (3.5 lb Chihuahua and 35 lb. mixed breed) are still not right. The vet did blood work on the Chihuahua and found that he was dehydrated but all else looked normal. They gave both dogs IV fluids, steroid injections and a benedryl injections and told me to keep an eye on them. The vet said that all of the OTC flea meds may cause the same problems as they are using “old technology.” Well it is the next day and they are still pretty much the same. But to add insult to injury, I FOUND FLEAS on the mixed breed dog. So apparently the only thing that this stuff bothers is the dogs because the fleas are doing fine.

  3. Debra Atwood says:

    In reply to Teri, I was told by my vet yesterday that the ingredients that are in the SentryPro XFC do not kill the fleas and ticks. It is also very toxic to cats if the cat gets around the dog. So now we are worrying about the cat for a month and having to quarantine it upstairs away from the dogs. So now everyone also needs to worry if they have used this products and have a cat in the house.

  4. Sarah says:

    I gave my 2 chihuahuas the sentry pro xfc and they both immediately started shaking and twitching. I thought they were reacting to the dying fleas. However, they started coughing and drooling profusely. They began vomitting all over my house. I called the 800 number and they attendant said to wash them with dish washing liquid. I did this, but they are still having muscle spasms and shaking. they cannot seem to get comfortable and sleep. I gave them both benadryl. I hope they will calm soon. i am very concerned. I have fed them and tried to make them drink water. they still seem to be having muscle spasms and it has been 5 hours since I bathed them. I bathed them twice to make sure I remoced all of the poison. I am very pissed an I cannot believe this crap is still on the market.

  5. Cameron / Chris says:

    This stuff made my 1 y/o Black lab foam and start rubbing everything. we gave him a bath and applied tuna gonna buy some benydril and now he is acting normal, then we read online and were amazingly angery, they have had thousands of complaints and lawsuits yet they still sell this. wish we read sooner.

  6. clifton pulliam says:

    Just yesterday I purchased Sargeants Sentry Pro XFC for the 9-20lb range dogs. I applied the product as per package directions and all four of my dogs got a bad reaction. In fact this morning I had to rush 2 of them to the local vet emergency hospital. One of them had to stay and be hooked to IVs and administered Robaxin and Benedryl as well as fluids and we don’t know if he will make it or not. The other dogs are here at home with me but all are showing signs of sickness–pain,irritation,shaking and nervousness. I am disabled and on a very fixed income so I thought I was purchasing a safe product that would protect my babies at a reasonabel cost. I simply felt I could not afford the expensive Frontline product. Now I have a $462.50 vet bill and probably will have more to come and might even lose the sweet animals I have grown to love with all my heart. This product is very dangerous and should not be sold to any consumers anywhere. Had I known of its horrible effects I certainly never would have applied it to the babies I consider my children. I feel so guilty and angry. The Sargeant Company should be ashamed to market such a product knowing how awful it is. My vet told me that they were having many people like myself bringing their beloved pets to them because of the bad side effects of the Sargeant products. In todays economy where people have little extra to spend a product such as Sargeants seems to be an economical answer to their pets flea,tick and mosquito problems. Because of Sargeants false representation, I am now forced to spend money on vet bills that I truly can’t afford. After becoming disabled and losing my job last year, I am barely able to make ends meet and this is truly an expense that I am unable to deal with. Also, the anguish of watching my loved ones suffer is unbearable. Tonight is the first time me and my precious Current have ever been separated. I am terribly worried that he will never be the playful active dog he once was—in fact I am afraid he may never fully recover in that is seems to be neurological damage he has suffered. I did everything correctly and trusted what I read on the Sargeants package directions. For anyone who loves their pets, I hope you will heed this warning and never ever purchase another Sargeants product.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I had the same aweful expirence with Sentry Pro XFC. I’ve used the regular Sentry Pro so I didn’t think twice about using this. I should have. I applied it to both my dogs, but only my female had a reaction. It started with her not being able to sit still so we took her out for a walk, we should have known something was wrong because she didn’t get excited when we got the leash out. We were walking and she didn’t seem her self. We got her home, she refused water and started vomiting. We called the Emergency Vet where we found out how aweful this product was and how she needed to come in ASAP. They admitted her, bathed her (which we came home and did the same for our other dog and cats). She did develop muscle spasms, but they are going away. I have never been so scared in my life! I felt horrible because I applied this to her, but this isn’t my fault! This product MUST get off the market and we all need to take a stand and get it off. What if there was a product out there for humans doing this?

  8. Krista Merce says:

    I too bought ans used this product on my Lhaso Apso. I thought I was being proactive being that we were going to the park the next day and I hadn’t received his Advantix in the mail. It took him an hour before he showed sings that something was wrong. I promtly washed it off and gave him some benedryl. That did not help. He was panting and overheating and incessently pacing. He couldn’t get comfortable. I am 7 months pregnant and I was up with him all night and bathed him 5 times that evening. nothing was helping. I finally gave him a trank at 5am, to help him. It didn’t even slow him down. At 7 am I held him down and applied ice packs to the effected area and forced water down his throat. After and hour with the ice packs he finally calmed down and passed out. I kept him on ice until the vet opened. This cost me a fortune, because it was Sunday. I spent the whole night worried that he was going to overheat and die and there was nothing I could do about it. This was also a disaster for my health and the baby I am carring… I gestational Diabetes and the stress of worrying about him cause my sugar level to go really high, I them needed to go to the hospital because of that and exhaustion. This product must be removed from the market!!!

  9. Jennifer says:

    It’s VERY VERY VERY important that you contact Sergeant on this and also your local media for a consumer report. Word got out of what happend with us and our local news did a consumer report warning people of ALL spot on treatments, but our problem was with the Sentry Pro XFC. It was so heart breaking to watch my pet go through what she went through, plus my husband was a wreck! Our pets are our children since we have none and may never. We treat them with love and care as it sounds like everyone on here does. We must take a stand and warn EVERYONE on this product and those like it. Not only is it heart breaking, but it’s extrememly expensive.

  10. Mike says:

    I posted back in Feb. 8, 2009. I just wanted to share the following. Last night on Fox News Edge in Washington DC, Laura Evens did a story about Sentry Pro FXC. She reported about complaints of allergic reactions that dogs were having. She showed pictures of dogs that were badly burned from the poison and also had a quote from Sergeant’s Pet Care Products in response to the allegations. Sergeant’s representative Kellie Habeb’s statement was “THOUGH WE DO NOT WANT TO SPECULATE ON WHAT HAPPENED, IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW THAT JUST AS WITH HUMANS, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOME PETS THAT CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT USE A PESTICIDE BECAUSE THEY ARE SENSITIVE OR ALLERGIC TO CERTAIN CHEMICALS. IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT FLEA AND TICK CONTROL PRODUCTS ARE PESTICIDES AND EACH DOSE IS FORMULATED FOR SPECIFIC WEIGHT CLASSES”. I was kind of hoping for an, I am sorry or your right and we are pulling it from the shelves or we need to reimburse all the suckers we swindled or we have made a grave mistake for not pulling it sooner or I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy. No we got more of the same, no ownership of the crime they are committing. Saying “THOUGH WE DO NOT WANT TO SPECULATE ON WHAT HAPPENED, in the same paragraph with, EACH DOSE IS FORMULATED FOR SPECIFIC WEIGHT CLASSES” sounds to me like they are speculating. They are making it sound like we the consumer must have made the mistake of not reading the instructions. They also say “It is important to remember that FLEA AND TICK CONTROL PRODUCTS ARE PESTICIDES and each dose is formulated for specific weight classes”. We are not complaining about other flea an tick PRODUCTS we are complaining about SERGEANT’S and don’t try to fool the public by making it sound like your product Sentry Pro FXC is equivalent to Frontline or any of the other responsible pet care companies.

    If I was watching that story last night and didn’t know better, I would have agreed with the response from Sergeant’s. Unfortunately I do know better and it brought all of the anger back to me. I’m sick to my stomach!

    Dear Sergeant’s,

    I don’t want to SPECULATE but if you want to kill my dog please do it fast, because the last time you tried it was a long grueling process that cost my dog a lot of discomfort and pain and it cost me a lot of money not to mention she still isn’t back to her old self.


  11. Jennifer says:

    how can we find this online?

  12. Mike says:

    I just went on Fox’s News website in DC. I couldn’t find anything, I’m not sure if it’s too soon for them to post that report or if they plan on posting it at all. It was very short one or two min. long. I did see that Laura Evens twitters. I don’t but if you do you can try that. If you get nothing and you are still interested I can video the report and put it on youtube. I have never done that but I can try.

  13. Billie Sue says:

    Mike – thanks for post about Fox doing a bit on SENTRY PRO XFC – better known as slow torture for our four legged kids!!! If you do happen to post to YOU TUBE, please post here so we can see that it is out there – and thanks for even attempting to do it. I would LOVE to hear what these jerks said. Y’all are right though – when they called to interview me – they did their best to get me to say that I used the WRONG dosage for our small dogs. Didn’t happen – but that was their plan. Our pug is still having skin issues and I know it is a result of the Sentry PRO – she hasn’t been herself since the night I applied it to her.

    I understand that with all “medications” just like with people – some dogs are going to have an adverse reaction – but please – so many of us have given it to more than one pet – and as in our case – two out of three had severe adverse reactions. I don’t think those are very good odds.

    Still say this stuff should be taken off the market. After our nightmare with this stuff – we won’t even use Frontline or Advantix anymore – rather we have found a natural flea/tick repellant that – so far – we are having good luck with. During my research trying to find a natural remedy – I read a post from a doctor (on another website) that said giving “spot drops” to dogs or cats to get rid of fleas or ticks would be like a person having chemo-therapy to get rid of a cold. That kind of puts the “poison” factor into perspective for me. That is scarey…very scarey.

  14. Jennifer says:

    No luck on twitter so far, but keep me posted if you post it or see it. I’ll keep checking.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Billie Sue, what natural product are you using now? We are never ever using another spot on treatment on our dogs or cats again. Ever since we used the Sentry Pro XFC our dogs have been having an itching frenzy, i’m going to give them baths tonight with an Avocado Oil Oatmeal shampoo and rub them down with a little flax seed to see if that helps, but if not, then it’s another trip to the vet, which means more money. This company just doesn’t get it, plus honestly, how many people can really apply this product wrong, my goodness, it’s not rocket science! I live in NE and i’m halfway tempted to pickett!

  16. Billie Sue says:

    Jennifer – we are using “Cedar-cide” – smells really good and so far has really done well for us. Try to go to and see if that will take you to all the info about it. If not – just do a search for cedarcide and the website should pop up for you. you can get all types of products – for pets, to spray in the yard, your home, etc. My husband’s co-worker has used it for quite a while and has had excellent results. Hope this helps.

  17. Sharla says:

    Wow. I bought the SentryPro XFC today at PetSmart because my husband forgot to go to the vet, but when I got home and showed it to him he didn’t think it would be as good as the Advantix we had been using since we got our dog two years ago. So, I said I’d research it online and I’m SO glad I did before we used it on Rowdy. This is going right back to the store tomorrow! Thanks so much to everyone who posted here, and I hope you and all your precious pups are doing better after such unfortunate and horrible experiences.

  18. Val says:

    I am so glad the young man at Petco told me not to do it!!!! I decided to come home and do my own research!! THANK YOU LORD – Cause I do not have money to pay a Vet. It pays (no pun intended) to do your research. I sincerely pray that all the dogs/cats will be better.

  19. Penney says:

    I WISH the person at Petsmart had told me NOT to use SentryPro XFC!!! I stopped there to buy some Frontline from their vet but they were closed so I bought SentryPro XFC. What a HUGE mistake!! I put it on my mini dachshund a couple of nights ago and withint 20 minutes he started this cough and then throwing up fluid. That continued the rest of the night and he was still throwing up yesterday morning. He wouldn’t drink anything. He also was biting and his paw and scratching all over. I gave him a bath with Dawn and then took him to the vet. He is currently on anti-nausea/vomiting medicine and benedryl. However, that does nothing to prevent his biting/gnawing at his paw. When he was eating last night, he kept throwing his leg into the air. He is going back to the vet today. This stuff is poison and I feel so horrible that I put this on my dog. I pray that he gets better and suffers no side affects from this. I will NEVER again use OTC stuff as a shortcut because the vet was closed. I can’t believe that SentryPro XFC is still on the market. For everyone that uses flea shampoos or gets their pet flea dipped, be kind to your pet and wash them with Dawn dishsoap. The vet told me about using Dawn on my daughter’s pug when we brought her home because she had fleas. She was 8/10 weeks old at the time. Dawn works GREAT for killing fleas and it is the only thing I will use to wash my dog.

  20. Nellie says:

    I have a 4.5-5.0 lb chiuahua and I applied this to him also, the Seargents brand. I need to know how much benedryl to give him. Please help. I cannot afford a vet visit but I hate to see him suffer like this, I have already bathe him twice with dawn.

  21. Tereesa says:

    I put this stuff on my German Shepard and she now has 2 bald burning spots and her paw is red from she scratched this poison .. we are bathing her a second time with baby shampoo and gave her Benedryl… we are all trying to save money, but its costing us more by having to watch our dogs suffer. Did anyone get Petsmart to give them their money back? This is crazy…. my dog is not trusting me anymore

  22. Jennifer says:


    Call Sergeants and report it! Also call your vet and have them report it to the EPA. They are required to do so anytime an animal has a reaction to a flea product. Sergeants, along with others is being investigated by the EPA so unless these things get reported the product will remain on the shelves and other pets will suffer!

  23. Jodi says:

    I put this sentry pro XFC on my poodle, trying to save money, got this instead of the frontline, within an hour i noticed Chewy getting really slow and gaging, i watched him and noticed where i put the medicine he was getting red and burn looking, so i hurried up and put him in the tub to wash the stuff off, he was still acting funny, and his hind legs were shaking and he kept scratching at himself, i had to try to keep him calm through the night, but he could not get comfortable. I called the hotline on the box and they told me to use dawn soap,so i did, but thta didnt help either. Needless to say he wasnt getting better, and had to take him to the vet, they have to keep him overnight, he is very sick! I have no idea what is going to happen to my precious puppy, but this product needs to be pulled off the shelf now!!! I dont have this kind of money for this vet bill, but believe me, i will do my best to get them to pay for this bill.

  24. mike griffin says:

    Same product. same results, When is someone going to SUE Sergeants?
    If you are reading this I have heard that if you submit the vet bills and the product receipts they will reimburse. Maybe.
    Eventually. If your pet dies they will probably offer to buy a new one.

    As if that could “fix” your loss!

    UPDATE! I called PetSmart today to complain about their “recommending” a product with such a high rate of “returns”l with KNOWN problems that have seriously injured the pets they are used on. The MANAGER actually told me that she personally had two dogs and would NEVER use any of the products she willings sells to others on her OWN dogs!
    What an eye-opener! I wish I had recorded that call. I wonder how long she would keep her job at PetSmart with that kind of recommendation

    I hope the people who made this product suffer the pains and suffering of our pet maybe one day from their use of a “safe for people” product. Maybe the CEO’s ought to be forced to test the products on their own pets. No amount of money can cover the pain of listening to your little pet suffer all night long. Neither my wife nor I were able to sleep a wink through the whining and moaning.

    DO NOT buy any products from these people!

  25. Lisa Franklin says:

    Tell you what I am going to do—after what happened to my baby I am going into PetSmart and smashing the stinking Sentry crap right in the store isle and I’ll have the media with me. Maybe that will make the idiots take notice. I don’t even care if I get arrested as it will be great to expose PetSmart and Sentry as they don’t give a damn and it’s going to take some aggressive action to make them stop this.

  26. Vickie Jorden says:

    Lisa let us know how everything turns out with the media…
    This is Ongoing and nothing has been done with Seargents for making this product.
    Our two dogs…had a bad reaction also a while back when i did a search and found this site to…I shared our experiences with this group.I keep reading more and more about ones having serious injuries to their pets and it makes me sick to my stomach…Our pets are our kids…and when they hurt we hurt..
    I was the one who administered sentrypro to my pug..and she remembered that…and she wouldn’t come around me for days afterwards…she never trusted me…I felt so bad…but she has finally come around and is doing alot better..but it took along time for her to trust me…I did something bad to her and she remembered…dogs dont forget…
    its still going to take along time for her to heal…
    Good Luck to all who reads these comments…

  27. Trina says:

    Thank you all and mostly drfaulken, yours was the first review I came across.
    Yes, I had just puchased three boxs of Sentry Pro XFC at Petsmart for my schnauzer Titus, my beagle Sam and Maddie my Aussie cattle dog. I just found a few ticks on Maddie and Sam,the first of the year. When I got home I looked the dogs in the garage and sprayed around the house with flea, tick and mosquitoes.So while I was waiting for the ground to dry I did a search on Sentry Pro XFC and to my surprise and horror I found all these horror stories.
    I’m so glad I found the comments because I was getting ready to put this JUNK on Maddie. I’m in a situation were I have been hit by the economy like others and have to watch my peenies. I have always used Frontline in the past, but it is so expensive. I got to the point were I would by two Frontline and split it between my three babies. The cost of Sentry Pro XFC and the ‘claims’ that they controled infestation better then Frontline was the reason for the purchase. I mean somethng better then Frontline, to good to be true. I do have to say that Frontline has to know that they hold the market in flea and tick control and that in these hard economic times not every pet owner can afford their product. I suggest they have a buy one get on half price or get one free. I can only wish, so for know I will put my pennies together and buy two frontline and split them amongest my babies.

  28. nicole says:

    I gave the sergent’s gold flea and tick drops to my dachshund and he got very sick. He was agitated and foamed at the mouth continuously. After looking online and seeing all of the bad reviews of this product, I panicked. I ended up shampooing him with palmolive and gave him tons of water and he is okay now. But….please, anyone who has a dog….NEVER use this product on your dog. It is poison and VERY dangerous. I could have lost the love of my life Remy, but I was lucky. I cannot reiterate how important it is that you don’t ever use this product at all EVER. It is poisonous and it has chemicals that are not overseen by the fda. Please….spend the extra money and get something that your vet recommends. This was the scariest moment I’ve ever experienced in my life and certainly my dogs life. My boyfriends bulldog also had adverse reactions…not quite as bad, but still caused her to chew her tail until it bled. DONT USE THIS!!!!!

  29. Kathy Averill says:

    I’m astounded at the length of time this has been going on with no results! I have used Advantix and Frontline on both my Weimaraners without any problem. I, too, was in Petsmart, in a hurry, no vet and grabbed the SentryPro XFC for dogs 44-60 lbs. I’m an “undermedicator”, my female being about 55 lbs and my male at about 73lbs. I read the directions very carefully and proceeded with the application. Both dogs displayed all the same symptoms, drooling, vomiting, itching, trembling, etc., and my stud male (let me know if this happened to anyone else)began furiously licking his scrotum. About an hour after this behavior started, his scrotum turned a flaming dark red. Good luck with icing a stud dog’s inflamed genitalia. He couldn’t sit, lie down or get comfortable in any position. He’s better today, after Dawn, tuna, benedryl, etc., but still that awful red. I’m taking pictures of his testicles, going to the vet for documentation, returning the box of this garbage to Petsmart and submitting the last tube of this crap to my attorney if there’s ANYTHING wrong with his sperm count, which I’ll have checked after payday. My heart goes out to all who’ve had their pets go through the same hell. Wish I’d have researched SentryPro before I gave this poison to my kids. We are supposed to be able to trust these retailers and I will never shop at either Petsmart or Petco again!

  30. melissa smith says:


  31. john teti says:

    I used the sentry pro product on my dog two days ago, shes now got a huge rash where it was applied, breathing problems, shaking, trembling, vomiting, and after an emergency trip to the vet costing almost $120. the problems are continuing, where do i contact them for reimbursement of my bills for using their poison. and where do i report them to any government agencies about this deadly garbage.

  32. Amy Harris says:

    I just used this product on my dog today, I wished I knew then what I know now I WOULD never have used it. My dog is experiencing the same symptons listed throughout this website. I hope he makes it through this with out any side effects and yes the product is going into the garbage. I called a vet but since he doesn’t sell this product he has no reccomendations but to call the 1-800 hotline. What a joke.

  33. Vanessa says:

    I really wish I would have read this earlier! I bought Sentrypro XFC about 3 weeks ago and thought it was a good product especially because you usually get what you pay for and it was the most expensive flea treatment at the petstore other then what the vet carries. But I didn’t use it until today ( August 23,2009) becuase my 3 dogs weren’t due for their flea meds until then. So we bathed all 3 of my girls (all 3 shelties), and after they dried applied the sentry as directed and within 15-30min 2 of the 3 were vomiting and having muscle spasms. I called the 1-800 num and of course got the same run around as everyone else here, so I bathed them and called my vet and left them a message becuase the closest e-vet is over 3 hours away, so I am staying up with them now and waiting to take them to the vet as soon as they open, but both girls are still having the spasms and can’t really walk well with them. But please inform everyone you know not to buy this product, it is the worst thing I have ever used and am very dissatisfied with it, I will definitally be contacting petsmart and sergents pet co. tomorrow when I get back from the vet and giving them a peice of my mind.

  34. My daughter put this on her 9 lb Sheltie and told me the next day “he doesnt like it at all” of course then she leaves on an overnight trip and pretty soon i realize something is not right, he cant sit still for 2 seconds is pawing scratching, and biting at the area where the chemical was added, so i dig the box out of the trash thinking she over medicated him or bought the big dog dose. After reading the instructions i determined that she used the right dose and proper procedures. I bathed him several times and gave him benadryl. I found that if i scratched his back constaintly he will settle down so i did that for 4 hours until a second half of benadryl finally seemed to allow him to sleep. He is better today on day three but still itches the area, we treated him beause the instructions say you should rather than because we found fleas on him.

  35. Carlos Vasquez says:

    I just used this product on my dog today,I wished i know the product is bad.
    Shes now got a huge rash where it was applied, breathing problems, shaking, trembling, vomiting, and after an emergency trip to the vet costing almost $260. the problems are continuing, where do i contact them for reimbursement of my bills for using their poison. and where do i report them to any government agencies about this deadly garbage.

  36. Hoyt Dottry says:

    I am livid and I only wished I had read this post before we applied to our Scotties and Westie. About an hour later they started scratching and panting. We were up most of the night with them, giving double baths to get this POISON off them. It has been 24 hours and we have sprayed them with an anti-itch spray and given them benadryl. It really upsets me our “children” have suffered for no reason.

    This product must be removed from all shelves immediately and I will not rest until that happens. I cannot believe PetSmart knows about this and did not warn us. As Kathy said in the above posting, I will never shop there again.

    I am sending a warning to all contacts in my e-mail address book! Please, everyone… we must join together and stop this madness! I have created a new email account just for this purpose. If you know of anything that can be done or who we can contact, please email me at [email protected] Anyone else wanting any information I receive, you may contact me at that the same email address.

  37. Cindy says:

    I have been following this forum for some time, stunned at what I have learned. I won’t write out the details of our experience, but I have 5 pugs who experienced everything that has been described so well by others, with the single exception of seizures. All 5 required hospitalization, IV’s, cathethers, e-collars, 2 developed enormous hot spots the size of a silver dollar on their shoulders and required antibiotics and steroids.

    Certainly I sympathize with each poster’s sad experience. I am beyond furious that such a product is still on the market after so many documented reports. However, I have determined to take action rather than just vent, starting the claims process with both Sergeant’s and PetSmart.

    I have seen references to class action lawsuits. If anyone has specific information on any legal action I would appreciate hearing from you. Any information regarding pending claims, etc. would be great.

    I also read that John Stossel did a report on this on 20/20 but I have not been able to find it. If you know how to access this report, please let me know.

    I’m not sure about how one goes about organizing on the internet, but surely there must be a way. There have been too many tragedies to let this one slide by.

    If I get reasonable, informed responses to this post, I will create a specific email acct to hopefully begin the process of holding these companies accountable for their actions.

  38. Michael Miller says:

    I just spent 700 dollars and a vast amount of tears as I rush my 5 year old german Shep mix to a PET ER. She vomitted lastnight and was licking at her SENRTY XFC spot treatment before bedtime. I awoke this morning when i heard a crashing sound. My dog was having seizures and couldn’t stand.. i rushed her to the ER.. !!! WHO DO I SCREAM AT AND BEAT!!!

  39. Hoyt Dottry says:


    It has been 8 days and our Scotties still have problems keeping their balance when they shake their heads. We returned to PetSmart on Monday and they said their corporate office advised them to pull the “poison” off the shelves. They offered a refund for an unopened box, but I am contacting the company for a refund on the used box. Hardly payment for what we and our precious pets have suffered.

    I am still livid!!!

  40. Cristal says:

    I too bought this piece of crap and used it on my 1 1/2 year old pug Bruce. the 1st day he was scratching non-stop and i thought oh it’s just the fleas… but then today we noticed he had a huge rash with yellow-brownish “pus” and his skin was raw. all down his back where we had put the crap as instructed and on his neck and in his ear. uggh i’m so mad at sentry, petco, but mostly myself for buying the thing. he crys at night and scratches himself and he hasn’t gotten any sleep for 2 nights now and i have caught him sleeping upright until he starts biting his foot or scrating his back. i took him a bath with oatmeal shampoo but now that i read this i am having my husband buy benedryl and dawn soap and vit E oil for Bruce. @ midnight. i wish i had looked this up before applying this to my boy. and i hope this doesn’t turn worse for Bruce. i will definetly take this as far as i can so that other dogs & owners will not have to go thru this just to save a few dollars. and i’m starting with petco 1st thing in the morning. and i will have learned a lesson to treat my brucey-boy like i treat my own daughter in buying the best for him no matter the $$$ since he is family!!! good luck for those in my situation and please god bless these dogs that have this burden.

  41. peggy hicks says:

    I will always look online before buying anythingnew for my 9 month old pug again. Used This product 5 days ago, after application he was scratching and running around within a day he had developed said brown yellow oozing 1/2 dollar sized rash / burn on hisback where this stuff was put on. He had been winning a little vet thought he hurt his foot clombing over the baby gate – guess not all along it was this stuff…

    ii bathed him in dawn as soon as i noticed the rash because it was the ah hah now i know whats wrong moment. he seemed to stop scratching and crying, is trying to get back to normal… was shaking a bit and wouldnt come when we called him. Also loose him under the bed alot now… i wonder if the light is hurting their eyer???
    this product sucks needs to be taken off the market now`1

  42. Falisa says:

    I am horrified by what this product has done to my dog. She developed the same symptoms that has been described in the previous posts: panting, scratching, running around uncomfortable, vomit,trembling, and whining….this product needs to be off the market IMMEDIATELY

  43. april walp says:

    hello i to bought this crappy product lastnight at a pet store and didnt put it on my dogs till today then i went away i came back to my dogs whining scratching lickin themselves vomitin and stumbling i am so mad i immediatley bathed them i have 1 mini dachsund and a mini maltese i feel so bad for my dogs right now they are extremely uncomfortable i have bathed them like 3 times with dawn dishsoap and gave them a benadryl i pray and hope they feel better i wont be sleeping till i no my babies are ok but this product needs to be off the market someone needs to put this product on the people who made it and see how it makes them feel i wish i knew who it was because id put it on them im so mad right now i called the number ont he back they were no help except wash them in dishsoap i will be visitin this pet store tomorrow and throwin this stuff back at them and asking them why are they selling this product when all it does is hurts the dogs i want to kill the fleas not the dogs the idiots

  44. Scott Cherf says:

    I just dropped my 13 week old Rottweiler puppy off at the vet after treating him and his brother with Sentry Pro XFC purchased at Petco. 3 hours after administering the drug as directed on a 26 lb. pup I noticed him whining and scratching at his shoulder. His brother didn’t show any symptoms of distress. Within 2 hours he had developed a thick, hardened patch of subcutaneous fat over his left shoulder blade. I bathed him in dishwashing soap and covered the blistered skin on his shoulder with coconut oil and took him to the vet.

    My vet says that in 25 years of practice she has never seen a chemical burn as bad as the one caused by this product. She believes he will most likely recover but will probably slough off most of the tissue in the effected area and is going to be visiting the vet regularly during the next two weeks for treatment.

    Has anyone had success in getting Sergeant’s to pay the vet bills for this junk? I’m looking at around $2000 at this point and it could get worse.

    Stay away from this product. You’d be better off playing Russian roulette with your dog. Someone needs to be sued over this. Bigtime.

  45. Jerry Veltman says:

    Just add me to the list. Got my “junk” at petsmart and almost applied it a second time when I found this site. Bear will get Vet-applied flea treatment tomorrow and I’ll pay another visit to petsmart. Thank you all for your input and I only hope all the kids are well or on the road to recovery.

  46. I wish I had seen this feedback about Sentry Pro XFC before I purchased it. My beloved pet became ill after about 10 min of this being applied. I keyed in google and luckily found this site to know to bath her in Dawn to remove residue from this poison from her skin. It was burning her and she ran a fever. I gave her benydryl and applied a cortisone cream to help her. She was also twitching and was up with her all night. I took product back to Petsmart and got a refund and made them aware of what had happened. I trusted them to sell safe products. I will never buy another Sergent product again since I now know they don’t care about the safety of our pets. They should be ashamed.

  47. Bill Earl says:

    Product killed our 2 yr old aussie this June. Finally got Sargents to pay the vet bills ($1025) although they say they are giving half for Vet and half for the suffering of the dog. They offered half at first and changed only after we threatened legal action. They will give you the run around but don’t give in! Still doesn’t bring our dog back. Spread the word…..this stuff is poison.

  48. John Price says:

    Class action lawsuit would be a winner,
    Product is absolute JUNK and dangerous,
    They should put it on the testicles of the manufacturer and see how they like it.

  49. Stephanie Hudson says:

    So wish I had googled this SentryPro xfc before putting it on my 3 bichons!!! The 2 smaller ones had reactions. It was applied at 930pm last night, one of the small ones woke me up at 4am whining, gagging, retching, vomiting. She too was licking the air, and obviously felt horrible. My other small one kept itching and scratching where the poison was applied. I bought this at Petsmart, trusting that they would only sell safe products!!! I plan on complaining to the FDA and Petsmart! I had to give both of the little ones a bath, benadryl, and fed them tuna (per someones earlier post). They seem to be doing better, but will continue to watch them closely. I was appalled to see all of the posts about this product!! How can they still be selling this crap?

  50. Michelle Asquith says:

    We as well did the same with our Shih Tzu. About an hour after applying this crap on Zoe, she had symptoms simular to what the other posters described. We contacted Sergeant’s and they recommended bathing her in Dawn as well as giving her a Milk – Water solution to drink. We are also trying the tuna as the others have recommended. They claim that the symptoms will last up to 48 hours, we’ll see. This product needs to be banned IMMEDIATELY!!!!. How many more beloved pets need to suffer, or worse before this crap is banned?