By September 14, 2009

Shadowing my past

I sold my first motorcycle, a 2005 Yamaha FZ6, to my friend and co-worker Rocky almost a month ago. He has ridden it to work a fair amount, and it is nice to see Cylon in the parking lot. On Saturday, Rocky asked if I wanted to accompany him to Charlottesville. He needed to get a minor part replaced. Any reason to get out and ride is a good one, and following my first bike was an even better reason.

The weather was beautiful: sunny, just a little crisp, and clear. We set out at nine in the morning.

We took Route 250, which amounted to a very straight, gentle trip. Traffic was light.

We arrived without incident and we left Cylon at Jarman’s for the service. I wanted to stop by Starbucks, so we started the long walk to the nearest coffee shop. We passed this sign on the way:

I was amused — where was North Lego Farm? Did they have the plastic one-piece Lego trees, or did they make their own trees out of smaller blocks?

The ride home was even better. The weather had warmed up just a bit. The road to Charlottesville is dotted with small farms, like this one:

I like that all of the rooftops are the same color.

I have ridden with a bike I’ve owned in the past before. Xamot purchased Raider, my 2004 BMW R1150R. However, this time was different. Raider was a nice motorcycle, for sure, but Cylon meant something more to me. It made me happy to see Rocky in the lead on the return trip home. I watched him ride, and was pleased. He pointed out potential road hazards like a good ride leader should. His throttle control seemed even, and his pacing was steady. Rocky used to ride, and I could see the “spidey sense” all good safe riders develop. He edges away from an intersection if a car was coming, or slowed down at a four-way intersection with light flow control.

It was nice to follow my old bike around on Saturday, and made me feel really good about my decision to sell the bike to Rocky. Good job, dude.

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  1. Rocky says:

    Thanks again for making the ride. It was a beautiful day and the pictures definately show that. We’ll have to go out again soon. Slowly getting the spidey senses back and it is a good feeling.