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Shirt.Woot! vs 6 Dollar Shirts: What does $4 get you?

I buy a lot of shirts from Shirt.Woot,’s t-shirt a day Web site. A lot of t-shirts. I thought I would give 6 Dollar Shirts a shot, especially since you can get ten for $50. 6 Dollar Shirts has a lot of cool concepts, and I was glad to see that the site allows you to mix and match sizes to get to the magic ten. It also allows you to mix mens and womens shirts, another bonus.

When the shirts arrived I tossed them into the wash. I put on a bright yellow T with “MOTORCYCLES ARE DANGEROUS” on it, complete with an older-school motorcyclist hauling ass.

Everything seemed good, until I stretched. I felt a slight breeze on my belly. Which is odd, because my tummy is furry, and because I was now flashing my Rock Island Armory 1911 Officer’s model handgun. Good thing I was at home. I decided not to raise my arms above my head for the rest of the day.

So, it got me to thinking. Why are the shirts from Woot! so much better?

The yellow shirt (on top) is from 6 Dollar Shirts. The gray one on the bottom is from Woot!. Both are size Large. As you can see, the 6 Dollar Shirt is much shorter than the Woot! shirt.

It is also shorter in the sleeves, yet the neck is larger.

What you can’t tell is that the Woot! shirt is much softer than the 6 Dollar Shirt. The tag on the 6 Dollar Shirt also sticks up all the time in the back. The Woot! tag is not only more well-behaved, but is also softer to the touch.

The Woot! shirt is an American Apparel made in the United States and sweatshop free; the 6 Dollar Shirt is Delta Pro Weight, made in Mexico.

It’s a damn shame, really. I can’t recommend the 6 Dollar Shirts at all. The store has a wide selection of shirts in patterns and themes that I like. They fulfilled my order very quickly, and shipping costs were reasonable. I just wish they used a higher quality shirt. I’d even pay $10 per shirt (I’m already doing that at Woot!), but is taken.

Not recommended.

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  1. fishsprout says:

    That’s why I stopped buying from Threadless… they went from nice American Apparel shirts to some sweatshop in Thailand… Good thing Woot keeps putting up good designs 🙂

  2. John says:

    I bought 3 shirts from 6 dollar shirts, came to $29 with shipping, which is a joke. All 3 shirts shrunk about a size and a half after being washed and one of them the printing is peeling off after 2 washings. Garbage shirts, return policy is crap, i wouldn’t spend another nickel there, ever.

  3. Ryan says:

    Same problem as John; bought 2 shirts, and after 2 washes the designs are heavily faded. You get what you pay for..

    Also, they remove negative comments from their website.

  4. CJ says:

    I bought ten shirts, some for my boyfriend, some for me. I don’t seem to have the same issues most of you are having. I do agree that the shirts are not very soft and cuddly; however, I followed the size chart on the site and ordered accordingly, but our shirts are bigger than we would like. I hoped they would shrink with washing, but no luck. The designs are actually holding up quite well after all the washing though. I did inquire about exchanging them, but the return policy is a joke.

  5. Chris says:

    Paid for 10 shirts on February 5th 2011 waited over two weeks without getting any info so I emailed 3 times over a week with no response…. finally got an email last week saying it was shipped that day with a tracking number for usps. checked it everyday and usps still says that the package hasnt been dropped off to them yet….. now march 6th over a month?? worst site every guess thats what I get for cheaping out. requesting my money back from pay pal in if its not here tomorrow. my email is [email protected] if anyone has any questions.

  6. Alex says:

    This website is complete shit. Do not order from them, I ordered my order February 19th. After them not shipping or having any updates on it I messaged them on February 26th. I got a reply on March 1st saying it would ship in the next few days. It is now March 14th they have not shipped, updated me, or refunded me my money. I spent close to $50 on that order. DO NOT ORDER from this website. I repeat DO NOT ORDER!

  7. Anna says:

    Ordered the 10 for $50 deal, got charged $13 for shipping, got a UPS tracking number the very next business day. Got my shirts 6 days later (I live in California). All the colors and sizes are correct, one of the shirt prints was wrong, a birthday cat instead of a laser cat. Overall, screen prints seem like the same quality you would find at Threadless. Shirts are thin, but pretty standard Delta Pro Weight, plus it’s August, so I’m not going to complain about how cool these shirts are in this heat. Overall worth the buy.

  8. CJR says:

    Save your money and don’t buy these shirts. They are advertised as being silk screened but are obviously heat transfer (which is greatly inferior). My shirts were peeling when I took them out of the box. I’m pretty upset and working on getting a refund. I went through Paypal though, so hopefully that should help a bit.

  9. Trisha says:

    I ordered 3 Mens XLshirts in December from 6dollar shirts. I received my shipment and one of the shirts was girls XL . I immediately called them and explained the situation. The person on the phone said they would send me the correct shirt. After 3 weeks, I called again and I got an answering machine that said to contact customer service through the website. Over the past two months I have emailed them 4 times about my order and I have left 4 phone messages requesting they call me back. I have still received no response. Its not a deal if you don’t get what you order.

    I told my son, who I had bought the shirts for, about the situation. He stated that he had bought 6 shirts from them and 5 shirts arrived in a plastic bag that had the number 6 crossed out on the front and replaced with a 5. He emailed the company a few times about his order and he never received a response.