By July 16, 2008

Shouldn’t every day be “Ride to Work Day?”

Today is apparently Ride to Work Day in the United States. Motorcyclists are encouraged to ride their bikes to work to demonstrate that their transportation of choice takes up less parking space, lessens traffic congestion, and that every motorcyclist isn’t a thug or a hooligan.

It’s a neat concept, but since I ride my motorcycles to work as much as possible I wish every day was “Ride to Work Day.” I’d like for more motorcyclists to ride to and from work more often. Increased motorcycling may help train automobile drivers to become accustomed to the presence of motorcycles. I think it may also help motorcyclists wear more safety gear as they ride in the wind or the rain. I guess in general, I’d like more cyclists to ride for transportation, as well as for pleasure.

I brought Cylon in, even though I didn’t know it was Ride to Work Day. I noticed a bunch of bikes taped off, but I didn’t know why. I counted nine different bikes all in a row:

There were a few other bikes elsewhere in the parking area, including mine. I noticed a few interesting things about how the RTWD participants were organized, most notably that they parked one to a space. If one of the objectives is to demonstrate how motorcycles (and scooters) are more efficient for transportation, then surely this should have been highlighted.

Regardless, it was cool to see a few new bikes in the lot, and helped me gauge potential interest in a motorcycling club at work. It also got me thinking about the feasibility of getting dedicated motorcycle parking on the first floor of the parking deck. Maybe Facilities will go for it if I can communicate that the dozen or so bikes ridden to work today could double-park and thus free up a six spots for other cars. Sounds like a long shot, especially since the first floor of the deck is also where the executives park, but it never hurts to try.

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  1. Configures says:

    What’s the vehicle in the foreground called, with two front and one rear wheels? I’m guessing it’s less tippy than a regular 2-wheeler?

  2. drfaulken says:

    That’s the Piaggio MP3 250cc scooter. It’s a reverse trike for stability, as you pointed out. The spec sheet says that its top speed is 77MPH, which makes it a borderline highway-capable vehicle. Piaggio also makes the monstrous-looking 500, but I think the 250 is the sweet-spot in around-town performance and scooter looks.

  3. fishsprout says:

    Most importantly, did you get to try out the Piaggio? According to Mr touchy, it’s ok to go ahead and just sit on any bike you like… 😀