By May 30, 2006

Site Shuffle, Part Two.

As I wrote last December, I go through cycles of reading new Web sites, or finding that I don’t read old ones at all.

I was interested to see how many of the sites I was browsing in December are still on my “high traffic” list, and which ones have dropped off.

High traffic in 12/2005:

  • FZ6 Forum: I still visit this site at least once a day. Not only has it stayed in the High Traffic category, but I am contributing more than last winter.
  • The Ars Technica news bits and journal.ars still get some eye-time, but probably even less than before. They have had a few interesting bits about evolution, and I enjoyed reading about the E3 video game trade show coverage. I still visit the fora daily. I’ll have my seventh year anniversary there this August.
  • Friendster has fallen so far down on my browsing list you’d think I didn’t have an account there. I’ve been there maybe two or three times since December, mostly to farm birthdays of my friends onto my Google Calendar.
  • I stopped playing World of Warcraft a few months ago, and as such I have stopped visiting about four sites a day completely. I visited my old guild’s Web site last week, and they’re having a meatspace get together. Oddly enough, I missed their last gathering when we all played Dark Age of Camelot. Sad.
  • My RSS-fed sites (mostly your LiveJournals/other blogs) continue to be my biggest traffic. I may not actually land on these sites several times a day, but I do check to see if they’ve been updated every hour or two.

New high traffic in 6/2006:

  • has been really a godsend. I’ve found a lot of new artists this way, and it’s just a great service. It’s really too bad that I can’t listen to it without the use of a PC or a Squeezebox. I’ve been listening to Frisky Radio a lot lately because I can stream the audio to my Xboxes.

Sites that were hot but then fell off since 12/2005:

  • The Pontiac Solstice forum was a multiple-times a day visit until I learned just about everything I could. Most of the traffic now surrounds aftermarket kits I can’t afford (such as the drooltacular Hahn turbo kit) or people nitpicking over various issues, like it being too loud with the top down. IT’S A FUCKING ROADSTER, JACKASSES!!!
  • I played EVE Online for about two months, and joined one of the Ars Technica player-run corporations my buddy Bond belongs to. Unfortunately, the game is just too buggy (even though the game has been out for three years) and the larger corp. vs. corp. battles remind me of Shadowbane too much for me to continue playing. During my knowledge ramp-up on the game, I visited about four boards a day, several times a day. I have eight bookmarks about to go the way of the dodo as soon as my account winds down in June.
  • Howard Forums’ Motorola mobile phone forum was a real contender until I realized that the phone community was either completely comprised of n00blets or mobile phone gurus. Tutorials were either written by people who’d gotten lucky and didn’t know what they were doing, or by people who probably do mobile phone seem programming in their sleep. Regardless, I am satisfied with my mostly-stock phone configuration right now and don’t visit this site at all any more.

What’s new with you? Any particular gems you want to share?

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  1. configuratrix says:

    Not new, but : Security. Squids. Movie plots. Stealth.

    And I occasionally check the hot new (red) tags on

  2. configuratrix says:

    That’s red as in, their front page tag cloud display.