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Sleeping position personality quiz

Stomper sent me a nice video about what sleeping positions say about us, and I’ve wanted to mention it on Gibberish. I wanted to have another personality quiz to go with it, and I found this quiz courtesy of the secret language of sleep.

I am the “toboggan:”

Find your own pose!

Toboggan Traits and Tendencies: Tobogganeers are always one step in front of their peers; they’re first to buy a house, first to microdermabrate, first to spend more than a thousand dollars on a rug. Yet in their rush to get ahead of the curve, Toboggan couples sometimes find themselves racing in two entirely different directions. If they don’t check in frequently to make sure they’re both on the same track, they can grow impressively far apart, and it can take a great deal of painful maneuvering and many late-night talks before they reconnect once again.

Comfort Zone:Toboggan is a Sun Sleeper pose. Other Sun poses a Tobogganeer might enjoy include Big C Little c, Classic Spoons, and The Heimlich.
A Note About Feeding Tobogganeers have two modes: fed and calm, and unfed and frantic. To prevent bickering and other erratic behaviors, always keep the pantry and glove box well stocked with a supply of crackers and spreadables.

Some of the questions are a little weird, but answer them the best you can. The “equipment” question was odd, so I just thought of it in a naughty way and answered accordingly.

I have to say, even though the couples part doesn’t really apply to me any more, that this assessment is right on. I actually did sleep in the Toboggan pose, as well as the Classic Spoons pose which is mentioned as another one of my “favorites.” I am ahead of the curve usually, and it often puts me off on another path from where I intended. The part about being well fed and content or unfed and frantic is totally right-on, both physically and emotionally.

So, what sleep position are you?

(edited for a description of the Toboggan)

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13 Comments on "Sleeping position personality quiz"

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  1. BushPutin says:

    Yeah, well, I apparently Toboggan as well. And since I have to sleep on my side or I snore like a dying crushed animal under a leaky automotive, I’m sorta ‘forced’ into it as well….

  2. drfaulken says:

    I had to edit Fishsprout’s post to allow her image to come through. I also added (hopefully) the ability to post images in comments. Everyone else should be able to post their full results now!

  3. fishsprout says:

    Find your own pose!

  4. Starbuck says:

    I have joined the elite team of Tobogganeers

  5. Mike says:

    Disturbingly accurate

    Find your own pose!

    Tetherball is the pose of perfect compromise, the oasis of a full-contact sleeper coupled with a solitary sleeper. The pose allows the Pole (the solitary one) a free range of movement, while the tight self-embrace of the Ball (the full-contact one) supplies the necessary crowded closeness. Both sides win!

    The Tetherball is part of the Wood sleepers family. Other Wood poses you might try include Pillow Talk, Pillow Listen and Stairway.

    A series of small hip pats (called “bubbles”) from the Pole infuses the Ball with reassuring feelings of closeness without triggering the Pole’s delicate sense of claustrophobia.

  6. Fathir says:

    I am also a toboggan. I don’t like how this quiz doesn’t seem to consider which half of the position you are. Also my attempts to grab the full directory of sleep position images off the site has been foiled. Curse the world’s increased web-savvy!

  7. Ben says:

    Find your own pose!

    Yay! I’m different!

  8. drfaulken says:

    Dammit, looks like it’s still stripping the images out. Let me know what your positions were and I’ll edit your posts. Sorry.

  9. Essie says:

    I got the Bubble Blower… WTF? I am a side sleeper though… Must have spouse take the quiz… Entertaining stuff here Dr.!

  10. drfaulken says:

    Essie, was your assessment correct? Even if you don’t do the Bubble Blower, was the personality aspect accurate?

  11. Essie says:

    Find your own pose!

  12. Stomper says:

    I’m surprised I’m in the Tobogganeers camp. It was the preferred sleep position in my last relationship, but not some of the previous ones. I don’t think the “must be ahead of the curve” fits in the traditional sense. But in areas that I’m passionate about, like jewelry making/glass/metal kiln work… I have to try the latest, greatest tools, materials, techniques and develop my own designs and patterns. So maybe in some ways the tendancies apply.

    The note about feeding physical and emotional are definitely true.

    Hey it was a cute quiz and I’m curiuos about the book. I’ve gotta pick up the book and see the other 30+ positions/descriptions!