By December 8, 2006

Small customer service efforts pay big dividends

As if I don’t sing the praises of online tea merchant Adagio enough, here’s a lesson on how to further satisfy customers: send them free tea for the holidays as a thank you.

I found a small, square box from in my mail box today. There was a gift-wrapped container within. I wondered if it was from my Secret Santa on Ars — there was a gift card inside. Here’s the message, hand-written in blue ink:

DrFaulken –

Wishing you a joyous holiday season! Thank you again from us all.

– Adagio Teas

The gift tea was a box of ten Jasmine bloom grean tea bags. A tea flower unfolds during steeping. I haven’t made one yet, but regardless if I like the tea or not I have to say this unexpected “thank you” made my day.

I know a few of you are also purveyors of Adagio tea, did you get something today?

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3 Comments on "Small customer service efforts pay big dividends"

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  1. Stomper says:

    Very cool of them. And beautiful jasmine blooms

  2. Agreschn says:

    I was going to purchase some of these for my gf for Xmas, but got her the IngenuiTEA before realizing they sold those. At least I know where I can get them for her next year! It’s be a bonus if I got some in the mail!

    I was mighty impressed with Adagio. My order was shipped on Dec 1, and my landlord received it sometime over the weekend while I was gone (Sunday I’m assuming). That means about nine days shipping to Calgary, Alberta via regular USPS shipping during the holiday season! I will definitely be ordering anymore tea related items through them again!

  3. roclar says:

    I didn’t get anything separately in the mail from Adagio, but I did get an extra bag of green pekoe with my December order. Maybe I haven’t ordered enough from them yet or they figure they already own me (which they do :P).