By March 26, 2009

SmartCarry wear and tear update

I’ve written about the SmartCarry deep concealment holster a few times before on Gibberish. I affectionately refer to it as my “assault diaper,” and I have found it to solve a problem other holsters cannot.

I was cleaning my Kel-Tec PF-9 and noticed that the color was fading from the front of the SmartCarry holster where the barrel and front sight rest against the fabric. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that there was some wear on the edge of the holster. I don’t think there is any structural danger, but it does make me wonder how long the SmartCarry is going to last.
Here’s the top view. Notice the wear at the bottom. Some fabric discoloration, who cares, right?
Here’s a better look at the front of the holster. There are some noticeable holes starting to wear in the fabric. I am sure this is a natural by-product of wearing the holster and not a manufacturing mistake.

It’s funny; when I first took a look at the SmartCarry, I was concerned that the hook-and-loop hip closure would be the first thing to wear out. It’s still going strong, but now I have to worry about the holster itself.

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  1. Spectre says:

    That’s strange as it looks like it’s made of denim and thats been know to fade, but not that much that quickly (a by product of the gun cleaning products you use maybe?). I wouldn’t worry about the fading personally though.

    Also it looks like the black part that holds the stitching is worn but the denim area under it that the barrel and front sight rest on is in perfect order. So I wouldn’t worry about that either.

  2. bc says:

    maybe if your junk wasn’t so abrasive, you wouldn’t have these problems.

  3. Gremlin says:

    I don’t want you to reveal anything about your carry habits you don’t want to, but how long has it taken to wear the holster this much?

  4. Coot says:

    I’ve been carrying a S&W 9mm in Tommy’s Gunpack for 10 years or so. Other than the storage compartment zippers wearing-out, no problem with the gun compartment.
    I purchased a newer Tommy’s Gunpack last year, but returned it because the gun compartment was smaller and opening the zipper caught the hammer. (FYI, the site was not responsive to my queries or my request for return; resolved via a visa dispute.)
    If anyone is aware of a fanny pack that conceals a larger pistol, please share.
    Thank you.