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Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Trigger Drop Safety Recall Notice

The popular Smith & Wesson M&P Shield handgun may suffer from a manufacturer’s defect. Some of the pistols have a defective trigger safety that may allow the pistol to discharge if dropped. Smith and Wesson believes that this only applies to recently made Shields, but for safety’s sake every Shield owner should check their pistols.

The manufacturing error apparently applies to both 9mm and .40 S&W caliber versions of the pistol.

If you own a Shield, do this quick test. It’s easy to do.

Here’s the video I saw, which explains the situation better than the Smith and Wesson Web page:

You really need to read the safety bulletin and watch the video, but I’ll explain it in a nutshell:

The little part of the trigger circled in red keeps it from being pulled if the pistol is dropped:


When you press the trigger (straight, flat and back, remember?) the plastic safety retracts into the pistol, like this:


When you release the trigger, the little plastic safety is supposed to come back down, so your trigger looks like this again:


Pistols with a defective trigger drop safety will not come back down.

Make sure your pistol is unloaded

Point your pistol in a safe direction and then slowly press the trigger. The safety should retract into the handgun and then come back down as you release the trigger.

Work the trigger several times.

I found it easier to watch the trigger work if I did not have the safety on. The video tells you to enable the safety. Do whatever you’re comfortable with.

If your pistol’s trigger is defective, you must send it back to Smith and Wesson or an authorized repair center. The other safeties on the handgun will not protect you if you drop the pistol. Don’t be a dickhead.

Smith and Wesson will pay for all of shipping and all of the repairs. Since you’re sending your pistol back to the firearm manufacturer for repairs, most of you won’t have to do any dumb shit like sending it through an FFL.

Call Smith and Wesson if you have questions or if your pistol is defective:


Our pistols were fine, and both were made fairly recently. The important thing is that I tested my pistols, and you should test your Shield, too.

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