By November 17, 2011

Sort Facebook Posts By Posting Date

Several months ago, Facebook changed the way it displayed wall posts in your news stream. Facebook put the stories with the most activity at the top. This meant that more recent, but less “popular” posts were obscured. This was a particular problem for me. Some of my friends are regular Facebook wall posters, and some post infrequently. But when those infrequent posters write something, it’s important.

Facebook rolled out a way to sort your news feed recently. My page was enabled about a week ago, and here’s my experience with Facebook’s “Recent Stories First” setting.

FireShot Pro capture #076 - 'Facebook' - www_facebook_com

The setting is very easy to miss. It’s up in the top right corner, with a simple label of “sort.” As of right now there are only two options: “Highlighted Stories First” and “Recent Stories First.”

Choosing Recent Stories First will sort wall posts like we’ve come to expect from Facebook. Think of the Recent Stories First setting as a timeline. No matter how many people reply, wall posts will appear in the order in which they were posted.

The Highlighted Stories First setting is more like a forum. Activity will “bump” the post to the top of your news feed. I guess this setting is helpful for finding popular threads that you’ve yet to participate in. If you’ve already commented on a popular thread, any subsequent activity will cause it to appear in your notifications.

I guess I see the utility in this, but I prefer the historical view.

The only problem with this setting (besides being hard to find) is that it isn’t persistent. Any time I close my Web browser it resets to Highlighted Stories First. I have a suspicion it also resets whenever I view Facebook from another device like my tablets or mobile phone.

Hopefully the ability to sort by post date instead of by activity will become a permanent setting. My pie in the sky hope is that Facebook stops screwing with their interface. :\

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3 Comments on "Sort Facebook Posts By Posting Date"

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  1. roclar says:

    Good catch! I had completely missed that setting.

  2. Jenner says:

    I use this as a toolbar shortcut. When logged into facebook it basically does the same thing, without the need to remember to check if your setting was saved from your last visit. It also works when you have two facebook accounts, one purely professional and one personal. It is entirely dependent on what account you are signed onto when you use it, so I’m not checking settings every time I log out and sign into the other

  3. DrFaulken says:

    Cool tip, Jenner! Thanks for the comments, gents 🙂