By September 14, 2011

Spam Wave From Facebook, and reCAPTCHA Re-Enabled

At the start of the year I started using reCaptcha to cut down on the amount of spam I was receiving in the comment moderation queue. I ran it for a few months, but it didn’t decrease the amount of human-crafted “astroturf” spam I was getting. My hope was that the additional step would bore some of the astroturfers, but it wasn’t that big of a deterrent. I disabled reCAPTCHA.

About a month later I started promoting Gibberish on Facebook. I noticed an increase of spam caught by Akismet. In May of this year, Akismet blocked 9,202 pieces of spam. In June, 25,603. July peaked at over 75,000 spam comments. I guess spammers go on vacation too, and August only saw about 60,000 spam comments. Looks like we’ll be right in the middle of July and August’s spam traffic by the end of this month.

I am pretty sure the additional spam comments are coming from Facebook, but I’m not entirely sure yet. In the meantime, reCAPTCHA has been turned back on. Let me know if you have problems making legitimate comments, but for the meantime assume the plugin is here to stay.

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