By May 29, 2006

Spin Me Round

I was busily backing up my DVD movies two days ago. I left my fileserver to encode and burn the DVD for me and went to take a shower. I came back about an hour later (the shower wasn’t that long), and noticed that the DVD burner tray was open, but there was no disc in the tray.

I must have forgotten to load a disc, I thought to myself. I put in another dual-layer disc and tried to close the tray.

The tray went about halfway in and then spat the disc back out. Weird. I pushed the tray in again, out the disc came.

I squinted into the drive and noticed a piece of white foam was sticking up where it probably shouldn’t be. Maybe the disc got too hot and got stuck in the drive? I grumbled and shut my fileserver off. I pulled the DVD burner out and unscrewed it, giggling at the “BREAKING SEAL VOIDS WARRANTY” sticker on the bottom.

Sure enough, there was a DVD trapped inside, along with the white foam disc (presumably to cushion the laser head) and a black rubber band that is probably used to connect the drive opening/closing gears.

I dug the DVD out and it was scratched more than my back during the heat of passion:

I thought about trying to reattach the foam disc and the rubber band, but the disc looked pretty jacked. I also figured that if my drive broke down under normal conditions, I was sure it would fail again with already tweaked parts. I took these pics for posterity and then junked the drive.

Luckily, the replacement drive is about 1/3 the cost of the original. I also needed an excuse to buy a 16-port switch and some CAT5 cable from the fine folks at Hopefully my replacement gear will arrive by Wednesday this week.

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  1. ca11away says:

    Sorry about your drive. Glad it didn’t burn your house down. I’ve seen a CDROM start a fire.

  2. somethingbrite says:

    Have you noticed the similarity between the “white foam disc” you found inside your drive and those “foam discs” used on CD-R and DVD containers? (The spindle type. These often have a foam “washer” at the top.)

    I think that one of these probably got into your drive on top of a new disc, jammed the mechanism and the “drive belt” (that little rubber band you found) popped off the drive motor, probably before the motor burnt out, thus keeping it alive.

    I know all this because the very same thing happened to me at the start of this week. I confirmed that the foam “washer” was not part of the mechanism with a quick e-mail to the manufacturers tech support and now the drive is working perfectly well again.

  3. drfaulken says:

    Hi somethingbrite, welcome to Gibberish!

    You are most likely correct. My drive is long gone, but perhaps its injury wasn’t fatal after all. I am glad you were able to recover your drive. 🙂