By September 7, 2006

Spoils of War

Now that I’m swimming most of the time, writing about my workouts isn’t very interesting. What might be interesting, especially to those currently on fat loss or workout programs of their own, is the change in my clothing sizes. Here’s a running tally:

  • Six pairs of jeans or shorts, down two waist sizes (pictured above).
  • Two pairs of dress pants, down two waist sizes.
  • One motorcycle jacket, down two chest sizes.
  • One belt, down from a 36 to a 34. The 34 is on its way out soon.
  • My motorcycle helmet is a little bit looser now. Not dangerously so, but enough for me to notice.
  • My motorcycle boots are now a little roomier. I never thought I had a fat foot, but apparently I lost some weight there, too.

Here’s to another set of belt holes! Now if I could just get rid of this last stubborn belly fat ….

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