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Starbucks You Complete Me

It’s rare that I find someone who shares my worldview as a gun-carrying gay rights activist. I can usually find folks who agree with one issue but not the other, and depending on how myopic they are we usually part ways right then and there.

It is somewhat popular in Minnesota, my current state of residence, to post signs declaring their businesses “Gun Free Zones.” State law offers some legal authority for these establishments to do so — essentially if caught you are asked to leave the premises, and potentially receive a trespass warning. If you fail to obey the trespass warning it’s a crime.

I try my best not to support establishments that are radically against my belief system. I don’t eat at Chick-Fil-A and I don’t shop at the Mall of America. However, just like people, it’s nearly impossible to find a business that supports gun and gay rights alike.

That’s why I like Starbucks so much. Aside from the benefits granted to their employees and hyper-efficient way of making standardized average espresso drinks, they are one of the few companies that supports marriage reform as well as refuse to cow to anti-gun lobbyist pressure.

There was a big stink in 2010 when Starbucks first refused to post “No Guns” signs at their stores, and every once and awhile the issue sprouts up again.

Yesterday Starbucks supported “National Marriage Equality” day. That drew the ire of some bigots in a similar manner to the head-in-the-sand folks who protested the refusal to post No Guns in 2010. There were threats of boycotts, promises to go to rival chains like Caribou Coffee, etc.

Even though there aren’t many Starbucks in the Twin Cities area (Caribou is headquartered in Minnesota) I still drink enough Starbucks to keep my Gold Member status. I enjoy the consistency of the drinks I get when I travel, and I definitely appreciate their support for the two issues that are the most important to me.

If you’d like to “thank” Starbucks electronically for supporting marriage equality and gay rights, Sum Of Us has a Web form that’s quick and easy to fill out. I encourage you to do so, as well as send this email (or a version of) via their official contact form

Thank you for supporting marriage equality as well as continuing to welcome legal concealed carry handguns in your stores. I am a loyal, satisfied Starbucks customer and greatly appreciate your company’s support in these two important issues.

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  1. Bond says:

    I still don’t get why anyone cares about the opinion of an executive (Chick filet). I do see why we’d care if they followed through with actions (Starbucks) such as banning guns or refusing to hire based on sexual preference or race. Outside of that, who cares as long is it’s not company policy. I don’t agree with Google removing firearm accessories from their shopping results and I know their political opinions are very different from mine, but I don’t stop using Google.

    How bout companies just sell stuff and not have a political dogma? Does it really matter what Starbucks thinks? In the end they are playing to the side that will generate them the most venue. It’s a company made up of people, their “values” could change 5 seconds after a re-org.

  2. DrFaulken says:

    I think the difference here is that Bigot-Fil-A contributed millions of dollars against something I believe is a fundamental human right.

    It’s one thing for a company employee (even up to the C level) to do and say their own things independent of a corporation. When the business itself supports something I find important, it’s time to vote with my wallet.

  3. Bond says:

    I understand where you are coming from and I respect your opinion on what I know is one of the most sensitive issues for you.

    My point is that I’d prefer companies stay out of politics and socials issues all together.

    If I always voted with my wallet, I’d never buy a Google phone, see any movies from Hollywood or buy a single thing made in China or even pay taxes (lol).

    Don’t forget, companies are going to do what’s best for their wallet, Starbucks knows who their customers are, as does Chick-Filet.