By October 13, 2008

Stay warm or stay connected?

With the American economy in a supposed state of free-fall, I’m trying to limit myself to one stupid purchase per pay period. Yeah, I know, challenge, but let’s assume I stay strong and abide by it.

This pay period’s contenders:

Tour Master Synergy heated jacket
About $200
I ride just about year ’round, and I may be going up to New York state later this month. It’s already in the 30 – 50 degree range up there, and my mother said they’ve had their first “big” frost this year. That means it’s already colder than most days here in Virginia.

The Synergy jacket (with adapter, about $12) will plug right into the auxiliary outlet on my BMW R1150R. I won’t have to do any wiring, and the jacket gets great reviews on sites like Web Bike World (see their review of the Synergy heated vest).

Cardo Scala Q2 Multiset Bluetooth motorcycle headset
About $300
Most times I ride alone, but some times I ride 2UP (with passenger), or with a buddy, like Donut. For times when I am riding with others, it would be nice to be able to communicate with them aside from frantically pinwheeling my arms at 80MPH. I could listen to music, get directions from a GPS, or make a mobile phone call without removing my helmet when riding solo.

The Cardo Scala Q2 Multiset has a pair of these guys in it, and features incremental improvements over the Q2 headset available singly. The Multiset version has a direct jack for an audio device and a longer microphone boom. The former allows for easier connectivity, the latter allows for better mic positioning.

So, what would you buy if you were in my shoes? Staying warm, or staying connected? Keep in mind I have a very capable winter riding jacket (Rev’It Cayenne Pro), the heated jacket would be used for extended rides in lower temperatures.

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  1. Motodisiac says:

    As I mentioned elsewhere I have Q2 myself (along with two of my riding buddies) This is the best thing since the sliced bread, makes riding even more fun. Buy it 🙂

  2. drfaulken says:

    Have all three of you used the headsets at once? I believe the Q2 uses a man-in-the-middle system where one person can communicate with each rider, but the two riders on the “ends” of the connection chain cannot?

    Er, let me try this

    X – O – Y

    The way I understand it, rider O can talk to rider X and rider Y, but rider X cannot talk to rider Y directly, right?

    ps — just got a $10 off coupon from Iron Pony and bought the Synergy jacket for $151 shipped. Might rattle the piggy bank and buy the Q2 while I’m at it.