By May 9, 2007

STFU ringtone

Lady Jaye has an annoying co-worker who calls her at all hours of the day. Lady Jaye is forced to either put her phone on silent, or frantically pound the “quiet” key on her cell phone every time Annoy-o-tron decides she’s bored. I knew there was a better fix, so I created the STFU ringtone. It’s a few seconds of silence, and once you get it on your phone you can selectively apply it to people you never want to hear from. If your phone is set to vibrate and ring, it would still be possible to discover that they are calling, on the off-chance you want to hear from them again. You could also use this as a standby technique for muting callers that have the wrong number. Apparently my old Maryland-area mobile number belonged to someone else. It was joy getting calls at 2AM in the morning from some pissed off Spanish guy. Pure joy.

You may download the ringtone from here, free of charge. It is 4kb in size and is in mp3 format. Your phone must support mp3 ringtones in order to use this ringer.

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