By August 27, 2005

Successful Maryland trip

Well, after six and a half total hours in my Element today, I’m back in Richmond after spending the day up in Rockville. I had a really good time, although the day got off to a slow start. My legendary sense of direction was in full swing today,and I got a bit lost trying to take our pup to doggy day care. Coupled with an ATM stop and filling up, it was 10 am before I really got on the road. I thought I was making good time on the highway – doing well over 80 most of the way – until there was an accident with an 8 mile backup on I-95. As is usual, it was all cleared up by the time I passed the highway patrol cars, but even with the delay it only took me two and a half hours to get to work. If it weren’t for the accident I would have made the trip in less than two hours. On the way home tonight I made it all the way back in 2 hours flat, and we weren’t going nearly as fast as earlier today.

Anyway, enough about that. Work was pretty good – I gave my last employee from my previous position her review, and got my own raise and incentive bonus. I know Uncle Sam is going to get a big chunk, but a bonus is a bonus! The next challenge is to be responsible with my earnings. I am sorely tempted to build an AR 15 pistol or get some motorcycle gear, but instead I’ll feed the visa monster. Ah, what an exciting life I lead.

I had a really nice coffee break with Panda before heading out to The Captain’s house for gaming. I has missed the previous session, so it was over a month since I had played last. It was obvious. Between my excitement and over caffeination I was pretty rowdy tonight. I was rewarded with a few smirks, rolleyes,and giggles from . I hope a good time was had by all. The Captain and his family gave me a belated birthday gift – two games they picked out while at GenCon. I am fairly certain he won another gaming title this year, but he was too humble to mention it.

I really miss having a regular gaming group here in Richmond. It’s super sparse, or I’m not looking in the right places.

I do think my friend Bond would be interested in tabletop tactical gaming, especially the Star Wars tabletop game. I’m sure it’s a fucking hojillion dollars to field a squad though.

Yay, sleep! That’s where I’m a Viking!

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