By February 22, 2010

Thank Starbucks for supporting legal concealed carry

Anti-gun group the Brady Campaign has attacked Starbucks for allowing citizens to legally carry inside of their stores. Starbucks is “carry neutral,” and upon being interviewed by the NRA has no interest in throwing their hat in with a pro- or anti-gun movement.

However, the Brady Campaign is urging people to write to Starbucks and ask for them to ban concealed carry. Some stores like Best Buy have rules barring concealed carry on the premise. This puts legal concealed carry permit holders in a legal and ethical quandary. They can either leave their weapons in their vehicles (the #2 place handguns are stolen from), or violate the store’s policy and carry inside. If caught, they can be charged with trespassing (at least in Virginia). Now all of sudden a law-abiding individual is committing a crime due to a store policy.

Anyway, let’s not let this happen at Starbucks. Whether you like iced venti decaf five shot skim white chocolate mochas or not, we all need to stick together to keep America a safer and pro-carry country. Please do the following:

  1. Go to the contact page.
  2. Select “other” in the “my question/comment is regarding … “
  3. Fill out your name and email address.
  4. Copy and paste this into the “comments” box, changing the particulars to fit you:

    I want to thank Starbucks for allowing valid concealed carry permit holders to exercise their legal rights within your stores. I have been a long-time Starbucks customer, and spend an average of $600 – $1000 a year in your stores buying coffee drinks and coffee beans. The issue of concealed carry is very important to me, my family, and my friends. Thanks again for allowing legal permit holders to lawfully carry inside of your stores should they so choose.

It only takes a few seconds, and will help let Starbucks know that concealed carry permit holders are thankful, loyal, peaceable customers.

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  1. David in MS says:

    Thanks for the link, DrFaulken!